Little League all-stars extend season

Several Little League all-star teams from SusquehannaCounty continued action in playoffs hoping to earn baseball or softball glory.

Teams from B&M, Blue Ridge, Susco East and SusquehannaCounty competed in Pool Play and championship action.
SusquehannaCounty‘s 9-10 girls’ team finished out pool play with an 0-3 record but have taken a pair of wins in the district championship bracket over Troy 13-8 and Potter McKean 22-10.
Blue Ridge‘s and Susco East’s 9-10 boys are still alive in the district consolation bracket and will face each other at Susco East at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.
9-10 Boys
The B&M 9-10 year-old boys’ all-stars continued action in Pool Play as they picked up a 16-13 win over Susquehanna County on Monday evening, and then finished off with a 3-1 record after winning 17-16 over Susco East on Tuesday night.
In the district championship bracket, B&M’s 9-10 boys took a 21-1 loss from Athens on Thursday to be sent to the consolation bracket where B&M took a 16-6 loss to Sayre on Saturday.
B&M’s junior baseball team took part in pool play action last week facing a pair of losses in playoff contention.
The B&M boys took a 12-2 loss on Thursday from Athens on the road and a second loss at home against Towanda on Monday, 16-10, to finish up 0-2 in the playoffs.
9-10 Boys
Blue Ridge’s 9-10 boys’ all-stars took a 16-9 victory over Susquehanna County on Tuesday evening to finish up with a 2-2 record in Pool Play action.
Blue Ridge then took a 12-2 loss from NEBALL on Saturday to enter the consolation bracket where they defeated Towanda 9-6 on Monday, and face off at Susco East on Wednesday.
11-12 Boys
The Blue Ridge 11-12 boys’ all-stars were handed a 9-4 loss from Susquehanna County in a game played on the road on Monday night.
Blue Ridge’s boys took an 8-7 victory over RTL in Pool Play on Wednesday night at home to finish up 1-2.
In the Daniel J.. Aquilio III championship tournament Blue Ridge faced a 16-15 loss to NEBALL on Friday to enter the consolation bracket. The team was set to play Towanda at home on Tuesday. Results were not available at press time.
9-10 Boys
Susco East’s 9-10 boys’ all-stars faced a 28-9 loss to Tunkhannock’s all-stars in a road game on Monday evening, before facing a second loss from B&M at home on Tuesday to finish Pool Play with a 1-3 record.
In the Joe Shaw Memorial Tournament, Susco East’s 9-10 boys faced a 33-8 loss from Towanda on Thursday sending them to the consolation bracket where they defeated SusquehannaCounty to move on in tournament action.
Susco East will face Blue Ridge at home on Wednesday at 6 p.m.
9-10 Boys
The Susquehanna County 9-10 boys’ all-stars completed Pool Play with a pair of losses on Monday and Tuesday night. The first loss came from B&M on Monday night 16-13, and the second was from Blue Ridge, 16-9.
In the Joe Shaw Memorial Winner’s Bracket Susquehanna County faced a 16-3 loss to NEBALL on Thursday sending them to the consolation bracket where they were defeated by Susco East 17-4 on Monday.
9-10 Girls
Susquehanna County’s 9-10 girls’ all-stars finished out pool play with an 0-3 record after facing a loss from the NEBALL team at home on Monday evening.
In championship bracket play, the Susquehanna County girls took a 13-8 win over Troy in the first round on Wednesday, and continued to win on Friday with a 22-10 victory over Potter McKean.
The team was set to play NEBALL on the road Tuesday. Results were not available at press time.
11-12 Boys
The Susquehanna County 11-12 all-stars took a 9-4 win over Blue Ridge at a game played at home on Monday evening.
On Wednesday evening the Susquehanna County boys faced a 12-1 loss at Tunkhannock finishing off 2-1 in Pool Play.
The team then entered championship play where they took a 13-0 loss from Athens on Friday to be sent to the consolation bracket.
On Sunday, July 4, Susquehanna County lost out to Tunkhannock on the road in a 19-8 game against the Tigers.