Bible Conference sued by county

The decision of whether the Montrose Bible Conference needs to submit room tax to the county is headed for court.

With only two of the three commissioners signing on, the county filed a complaint against the Montrose Bible Conference, 5 Locust St., Montrose, last week.
Commissioners Leon Allen and MaryAnn Warren signed the court papers filed July 8 in the prothonotary’s office. Minority commissioner Michael Giangrieco did not sign the document.
In its claims, the county alleges the Montrose Bible Conference has failed to collect a three percent room tax from its patrons.
The room tax, adopted by county ordinance 2008-01 authorizes the collection of the tax and was first enacted by the county in 2002.
Room tax is paid by lodging establishments and campgrounds to the county on a quarterly basis.
The revenue generated by the tax is used to fund tourism-related projects in the county.
Court papers state the Conference has refused or failed to pay the tax despite repeated demands from the tax claim office.
The document also states that the tax claim office is unable to determine the amount of tax due from the Bible Conference for each year because the organization has refused to cooperate with the tax since its inception.
The county is requesting a judgment against the Montrose Bible Conference for an amount to be determined by the court.
As of Monday, there had been no counter-filing from the Bible Conference and no court date had yet been set.