New addresses topic in Dimock

Dimock Township supervisors met Monday night, and a number of residents attended to inquire about the new 911 addresses they have been given in a recent mailing from the county.

Most of the concerned residents live on State Route 3023, or Dimock to Nicholson Road. One resident, Tiffany Neenan, asked if the name could still be changed, because the box number and “Dimock to Nicholson Road” took up too many character spaces when she tried to order something online. Another resident said her new address “takes up the whole envelope.”
A letter was read from Art Donato concerning the mailing route changes.
They asked if their new address could be changed to State Route 3023 instead, so that it would fit into computer forms. The supervisors agreed to write a letter requesting that change.
Several other roads in Dimock Township have similar names, like Dimock to Elk Lake Road and Dimock to Brooklyn Road.
The Richard Arnold addition and subdivision plan was approved by the supervisors, as was the Jan Vanden Hengel land development plan.
A letter from Cabot was read requesting to be able to mix calcium in the water to spread on township roads, which was approved by the supervisors.
Joyce Stone questioned the storage facility planned for Dimock Township off Route 29, as to whether the facility was a storage facility or a water treatment facility, as the permit name indicated.
According to the permit, the facility was intended as a place to store and mix solutions for hydrofracturing of gas wells, as well as produced water from the gas industry. “I gathered that it was not a processing facility, but not enough has gone on down there to get a feel for it,” Supervisor George Baker said.
Baker said that they were going to have to order antiskid materials for the township roads, and bid requirements were discussed.
Dimock Township Supervisors meet the first Monday of the month at the municipal building on Dimock to Brooklyn Road.