PennCan good to Susquehanna County

The hometown boys had a great showing for Susquehanna County this past Friday at the Penn Cann Speedway.

In the Diaz Forest Products late model feature, Dan Stone of Thompson won for the second time this season holding off Dave Zona.
In the Hornbeck Chevrolet crate sportsman feature Adam MacGeorge of Montrose also became a 2-time 2010 winner.
And, Joe Warner of New Milford won his first career 4 cylinder feature while Butch Green of Newark Valley, N.Y., was the street stock winner.
Billy Thornton of Old Forge also excited the crowd Friday with his first ever Penn Can Speedway modified win.
In the modifieds, Stanley Wilkins and Joey Colsten led the field to the green flag. Colsten grabbed the lead after running side by side until turn two on the first lap. The caution was out after one lap went in the books for Mike Nagel and Frank Yankowski. Nagel shot across the track after getting a flat tire, Yankowski ended up perched on top of Nagel’s machine neither driver was injured but they both went to the pits.
Two laps in the top five were J. Colsten, Darwin Greene, Billy Thornton, Wilkins and Mike Schane. Wilkins made contact with Schane while racing for fourth. Darwin Greene took advantage of Colsten getting over the cushion in one and two on the fourth lap to grab the lead at the exit of turn two, Thornton followed suit dropping Colsten to third. Schane got fourth on lap five and Joey Grammes took fifth on the same lap.
Schane continued to move forward taking third on lap six just before the caution came out for Alan Rudalavage. Greene chose the outside on the double file restart with Thornton on his inside. Thornton got a good restart as the top two were even at the flagstand as they entered turn one Thornton pulled ahead to take the lead. After the restart Mike Gular and Bobby Trapper broke into the top five running fourth and fifth. Trapper worked around the outside of Gular after the caution to take third and Kevin Hartnett had gotten up to fifth by lap 12. The yellow came out on lap 13 for a four car tangle in turn four. Bobby Gunther Walsh was the only car unable to continue. On the last double file restart of the race Hartnett and Grammes made contact sending Grammes high over the cushion costing him several positions however Hartnett continued to move forward taking fourth on lap 15. Rudalavage charged back through the field from his early race incident and into the top five on lap 18. Hartnett was running around the inside of the track and with ten to go he passed Trapper for third.
The caution was out for the final time on lap 24 for another four car wreck this time it involved Brett Tonkin the point leader and last week’s winner Dan Pompey both were towed to the pits. On the restart Hartnett went by Greene for second after Greene pushed in turn two. Rudalavage got fourth with five to go and Grammes dropped Trapper out of the top five. With three laps to go Hartnett closed to within a car length and by the next lap the race for the lead was on. Hartnett pulled alongside in one and two and three and four on the final lap but Thornton’s momentum on the top allowed him to maintain the lead. Thornton held off the late challenge for his first win following him were Hartnett, Greene, Rudalavage and Grammes. Mod heats were won by Stanley Wilkins, Billy Thornton and Mike Colsten.
In the Late Model feature, Curt Tunilo Jr. took the early lead with Jim O’Hara close behind. Eighth place starter Dan Stone was running third after two laps. Jim O’Hara took the lead on a lap four restart with Stone following close behind. Stone pulled alongside of O’Hara but couldn’t make the pass. Stone got way over the cushion on lap seven allowing Dave Zona to slip by, Zona then went to work on O’Hara they ran side by side for two laps but O’Hara still led. O’Hara maintained the lead until lap 10 when he slowed coming out of four. The car must have come out of gear because he was pushed and rejoined the tail of the field. Zona had the lead but Stone blasted the cushion and surged ahead in turns three and four on lap 11. By lap 16 Stone had a straightaway lead with Zona and Tracy Gregory battling for second. The caution came out with three to go but Zona couldn’t challenge Stone for the win. Stone won over Zona, Gregory, Ben Whitaker and Bud Phillips.
The Crate Sportsman 25 lapper saw Josh Ainey get the lead on lap one. Butch Green took the lead from Ainey on lap three in turn one. Adam MacGeorge was closing fast on Green and slide by on lap 10 in turn four. Mike Nagel Jr. was second on lap 11 after starting tenth. MacGeorge lead rest of the way to collect the $600 special Nagel was second followed by Butch Green, Donnie Lawson and Grant Hilfiger.
Butch Green led every lap of the Street Stock feature. Shane Wolf challenged Green in the final laps but Green ran the outside to perfection for the victory. Rounding out the top five were Kevin Beach, Ryan Stone and Ken Sparks.
Maines Transportation Modified Feature: Billy Thornton, Kevin Hartnett, Darwin Greene, Al Rudalavage, Joey Grammes, Bobby Trapper, Mike Colsten, Mike Gular, Mike Decker, Mike Lartz, Josh Beierle, Stanley Wilkins, Brett Tonkin,Dan Pompey, Joey Colsten, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Mike Schane, Mike Nagel, Frank Yankowski, Garth Tonkin Jr.
Diaz Forest Products Late Model Feature: Dan Stone, Dave Zona, Tracy Gregory, Ben Whitaker, Bud Phillips, Jim O’Hara, Billy Marvin, Steve Deinhardt, Paul Rooney, Curt Tunilo Jr., Adam Diaz
Hornbeck Chevrolet Crate Sportsman Feature: Adam MacGeorge, Mike Nagel Jr, Butch Green, Donnie Lawson, Grant Hilfiger, Bob Janesky, Josh Ainey, Alex Stanton, Wes Campbell,Joey Decker III, Corey Ziegler, Jon Carpenter, Austin Barucky
Maines Transportation Street Stock Feature: Butch Green, Shane Wolf, Kevin Beach, Ryan Stone, Ken Sparks Jr., Brady Stark, Shane Wolf Jr., Joe Warren, Josh Towner, Karl Shimer, Kris Shimer
Maines Transportation 4 Cylinder Feature: Joe Warner, Klem Underwood, Chris Conrad, Justin Lawrence, Scott Heeman, Andy Brigham, Andy Colwell, Jesse Conrad