Archery program seeing success

The Choconut Valley Youth Athletic Association is seeing its archery program head in a great direction since its creation four years ago.

One of the CVYAA’s archery coaches, Chris McComb, who is also the principal at Choconut Valley Elementary School, said that the program’s main goal is to get kids involved in a lifelong activity.
And it has, as teams traveled in April to the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg to compete in the NASP Pennsylvania State Tournament where the Choconut Valley Team A captured gold for its third consecutive year and the Montrose Middle School team took second place.
There were 11 individual medalists clinched at the competition.
“The beauty of archery is you can compete against others or against your own personal accomplishments,” McComb said of the sport.
The CVYAA is an independent, community-funded organization that receives a tremendous amount of cooperation and collaboration with Montrose Area School District.
“Through the combined efforts (of the CVYAA and the school district) our kids benefit,” McComb said.
This program got started four years ago when McComb approached the CVYAA board about starting an archery program.
Then, he and four others (Bob Kimmell, Mike Giangrieco, Glenn Weaver and Karl Winner) got certified as instructors.
“We approached local businesses and organizations to help with initial start up funding,” McComb said. “The CVYAA donated the remainder of the funding necessary to get the program up and running.”
First year sponsors included the Silver Lake Rod and Gun Club, The Wilson Moore branch of the Wild Turkey Federation and Montrose Sporting Goods.
Since then, the program has continued to grow, and McComb is enjoying its successes.
When asked how it felt to see the two teams perform at such a high level, he said it was “awesome.”
“Throughout the year we watch each of our archers personally improve and gain confidence,” McComb said. “The trophies and medals are great for them, but to see the excitement on their face when their name is called is what it is all about for us as coaches.
“What is equally as impressive is the fact that over half of our students who competed at this year’s state tournament, recorded their all time personal high score during the competition.”
McComb said the program is extremely beneficial to those who participate.
“Anyone can participate, both boys and girls can shoot side by side and compete,” McComb said. “It is a life sport that teaches self discipline, self confidence and patience.”
Members of the Choconut Valley Team A are John Giangrieco, Nicole Kimmell, Andrew Fedish, Thomas Williams, Ben Foster, Katie Warner, Maddie Guinane, Katie Wurth, Spencer Quinn, Paige Yeomans, Mackenzie Garner, Alexie Calloway, Tyler Casey, Alan-Michael Strohl, Nathan Giles and Michaela Pike.
Montrose Middle School team members are Brandon Weaver, McCade Callaway, Kassidi Ramirez, Travis Carter, Julia Amorino, Jacob Hayes, Blair Pipher, Dominick Lippolis and Josh Giles.
Instructors include McComb, Kimmell, Giangrieco, Glenn Weaver, Phil Yoemans, Fred Hayes, Karen Hayes, Jeff Williams, Diane Wurth, Mike Guinane, Sue Giles, Tom Giles and Ken Foster.