Carney wins Elk Lake 5K

Sean Carney bested a field of 34 runners at Elk Lake on Saturday morning in a 5K race to benefit the Red Cross.

Carney, who will be a senior at Elk Lake this year, brought home first with a time of 17:16.18, 16 seconds ahead of second place finisher Cody Butler at 17:32.65.
The first female finisher in the race was Natasha Cohen, who took 12th overall with a finish of 21:04.81.
The race raised close to $600 to be split between the Red Cross and the Elk Lake Cross Country program.
Saturday’s race was a graduation project for Elk Lake runner Mike Bedell.
Full results:
1-Sean Carney, 17:16:18; 2-Cody Butler, 17:32:65; 3-Will Bennett, 17:35:34; 4-Jeremy Stonier, 18:03:09; 5-Jeff Horvath, 18:11:78; 6-Bryan Grosvenor, 18:24:52; 7-Hunter Bedell, 19:47:18; 8-Matt Voda, 19:50:52; 9-Joey Woolcock, 19:51:65; 10-Nathan Lado, 19:58.
11-Matt Horvath, 20:39:65; 12-Natasha Cohen, 21:04:81; 13-Tim Johnson, 22:25:62; 14-Alayna Doolittle, 22:34:12; 15-Lainey Bedell, 22:53:15; 16-Elliott Arnold, 23:02:12; 17-Art Doolittle, 23:04:18; 18-Karla Eisch, 23:26:40; 19-John Brown, 24:34:78; 20-Kathleen Driving Hawk, 24:35:93.
21-Jody Daye, 24:56:28; 22-Katie Bennett, 25:18:46; 23-Rick Keogh, 25:26:50; 24-Keek Morahan, 26:47:24; 25-Martin Farnelli, 27:19:50; 26-Leslie Foster, 27:31:50; 27-Scott Arnold, 27:44:09; 28-Melissa Haertsch, 28:13:84; 29-Rachel Sipe, 29:59:65; 30-Marianne Engelman-Lado, 30:35:09.
31-Shyanne Bennett, 31:04:21; 32-Sandra Rinker, 32:38:31; 33-Myron Mokris, 35:55:52; 34-Kristen Burkhart, 42:51:01.