Former Montrose councilman dies

Former Montrose Borough Councilman Jack Yeager died Sunday, Aug. 15.

At its meeting Monday, Council paused for a moment of silence in remembrance of Yeager’s dedication and years of service to the borough.
Yeager, who served on council for more than 30 years, played a key role in the building of the new borough building.
However, he resigned from council because of health reasons one month prior to the opening of the building.
Yeager’s first ward council seat has not yet been filled.
Council opted to advertise a proposed jake brake ordinance.
A public hearing and possible passage of the ordinance was tentatively scheduled for the Sept. 7 meeting.
The possible adoption of the borough’s proposed skateboard ordinance and public hearing on the matter will also be on the September agenda.
The proposed ordinance addresses not only the use of skateboards but also bicycles, scooters and roller blades in the business district.
Councilman Craig Reimel said bicycles and scooters could still be ridden on the roadways.
The ordinance is specific in its prohibition of skateboards and bikes in places that interfered with pedestrian traffic – meaning sidewalks.
Councilman Randy Schuster said that if the ordinance was passed by council there would need to be “some common sense judgment used in its enforcement.”