Mt. View introduces new principal

Mountain View School Board introduced the new Elementary School Principal, Mr. Robert Presley, to the school board Monday night at its regular meeting. The board also reviewed the district’s improving PSSA scores and decided to advertise for two faculty positions that have just been vacated by teachers finding jobs in another district.

Mrs. Susan Pipitone, now the Director of Special Services for the district, was the Elementary School Principal last year.
She said she has already handed over her keys to the principal’s office. “I will be very happy to see Mr. Presley starting here with a clean slate, without a 90 page improvement program,” she told the board. Pipitone also thanked the elementary school faculty for its hard work in the past year.
Mrs. Mary Garrison, Reading Team Leader in the elementary school, said, “I think we worked very hard this year. Everyone worked as a team this year more than any other, and we planned well to reach the students who needed to be reached.”
Mrs. Karen Voigt, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, gave a presentation on the district’s PSSA results.
The participation overall was 100%, exceeding a goal of 95%, and the performance score for the district was 76.3, which exceeded the goal of 65.2.
That meant that the Mountain View School District achieved its AYP, or Adequate Yearly Progress goal.
The district began participating in the PSSA testing program in 2002, and achieved AYP for every year until 2006-2007. That year, they received a warning,
The board acknowledged a rejection of reinstatement by Charles Wilson Jr., from his music position at the high school effective Aug. 12, 2010.
Wilson has accepted a position at the Mid Valley School District.
The board also accepted a resignation of Claudia Kausmeyer from her learning support position at the high school effective Aug. 20, 2010.
Kausmeyer is also accepting a position offered by the Mid Valley School District.
The board authorized the advertising for a music teacher and a special education teacher , with applications due by Sept. 10.
Several parents attending the meeting had questions concerning when the students will receive their schedules. Mr. Andrew Doster, High School Principal, announced that the students will receive their schedules on the first day of school. Parents also commented that they had not been notified that all fall varsity sports began Monday.
“They will not be penalized for not showing up,” said High School Assistant Principal Mr. Michael Beamish.
A presentation was made by Rick Huxel of Metrotek Solar Energy. He said that his company, established in 1975, can provide solar, wind, and high voltage energy power, as well as telecommunications and automation.
His proposal included slides of several large corporate clients, as well as churches, farms, and the Northampton School District.
With the combination of wind generation and solar power, the Lentine Farm in Monroe County has no electric bill. Huxel said that with a solar system on both school buildings, Mountain View can generate enough energy to provide all its electric needs, and have a surplus to sell back to the power company.
“You should get a credit,” he said.