Prized fairgoers

Below is a list of winners at the 153rd Harford Fair. The list is incomplete as of this printing. If you won a ‘Best in Show’ or Blue Ribbon and would like to be acknowledged in a subsequent issue of this paper, please e-mail your info with FairWinner in subject line to

Fine Arts
Best in Show: Photography: Child- Gabrielle Hamstein; Youth-Andrew Tyler; Adult- Gloria Anderson; Pro Adult- Bonnie Zipprich. Art Work: Child- Abigail Calderone; Youth-Morgan Ofsharick; Adult- Tim Tedesco; Pro Adult- Andrea Davis. Woodworking: Child- Emalee Carr; Pro Adult- Ralph Walker. Scrapbooks: Janet Harris. Scrapbook Page: Lori Farley; Child-Stephanie Ostir. Claywork: Child-Jack Davenport; Youth-Rachel Klem; Adult- Bonnie Wilson. Wreaths: Jenny Frantz.
Floral Hall
Best of Show: Plants- EllaMae Stone. Quilts: Patchwork- Barbara Yerger; Crocheted- Carol Rafferty. Needlecraft- Colleen Brunges; Sewing- Marilyn Shoup. Knitting- Karin Wellings, Sandra Llewellyn. Crochetting- Sandra Llewellyn. Needlework- Elfi Thompson. Hooked Rugs- Carol Laurence. Plastic Canvas- Ann Taylor.
Baked Goods
Hersheys Best in Show: Youth 1st- Isabella Cosmello, New Milford; 2nd-Levi Dedonis; 3rd- Andrea Beeman. Adult 1st- Vickie Drake, New Milford; 2nd-Tiffany Morgan; 3rd-Ruthann Ofalt.
Apple Pie advances to Farm Show: Betty Short, Brackney.
Angel Food Cake Contest: 1st-Natalie Wentz, Nicholson; 2nd-Panda Loomis; 3rd-Valerie Trowbridge.
First places: Apple Pie Traditional- Kristen Burkhart- Montrose; Apple Pie, Nontraditional- Margaret Young, Brackney; Pumpkin Pie- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Strawberry Rhubarb Pie- Margaret Young, Brackney; Cherry Pie- Carol Raferty, Montrose; Rhubarb Pie- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Lemon Meringue Pie- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Zucchini Apple Pie- Betty Short, Brackney; Blueberry Pie- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Blackberry Pie- Linda Buffington, Susquehanna.
First places: Coffee Cake- Marlene Ackerman, Clarks Summit; Pound Cake- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Angel Food- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Apple Cake- Rebecca Empet, Vandling; Cherry Crumbcake- Reba Loomis, Montrose; Pineapple Upside-Down Cake- Catherine Ziffer, New Milford; Chocolate Iced Cake- Michael Ziffer, New Milford; Chiffon Cake- Carol Rafferty, Montrose; Sponge Cake- Linda Clark, Meshoppen; Cheesecake- AnnMarie Warren, Greenfield Twp.
First Places: Yeast Bread (Herb)- Joan Root, Montrose; Raisin Bread- Charlotte Stone, Thompson; White Bread- Betty Spencer- Laceyville; White Bread (Machine)- Keith Miller, Jermyn; Whole Wheat Bread- Susanna Haines, Madison Twp.
Red & White Dairy
Junior: Champion: Open and Youth- Evan Castrogiovanni; Reserve Champion: Open and Youth- Evan Castrogiovanni.
Senior: Champion: Open and Youth- Michael Greenwood; Reserve Champion: Open and Youth- Abbey Puzo.
Grand Champion: Michael Greenwood; Reserve Grand Champion: Abbey Puzo.
Dairy Jersey
Junior: Champion: Open- Sweet Peas; Youth- Mazie Tyler. Reserve Champion: Open- Mazie Tyler; Youth- Corey Vanderfeltz.
Senior: Champion: Open- Jerseys Vanderfeltz; Youth- Holsteins & Jersey, Sweet Peas.
Grand Champion: Open- Jerseys Vanderfeltz; Youth- Chris Schuler; Reserve Grand Champion: Open- Holsteins & Jersey, Sweet Peas; Youth- Jenna Sprout. Banner Winner- Jerseys Vanderfeltz.
Milking Shorthorn
Junior, Reserve Jr., Senior, and Reserve Sr. Champions: Open and Youth- Alex Bonavita; Grand Champion: Alex Bonavita; Reserve Grand Champion- Alex Bonavita; Best Udder of Show- Alex Bonavita.
Junior, Reserve Jr., Senior, and Reserve Sr. Champions: Open and Youth- Kyle Bonavita; Grand Champion: Kyle Bonavita; Reserve Grand Champion- Kyle Bonavita; Best Udder of Show- Kyle Bonavita.
Brown Swiss
Junior: Champion: Open- Heidi Stephens-Pavelski; Youth- Taylar Sherman. Reserve Champion: Open- Taylar Sherman; and Youth- Alex Bonavitai.
Senior: Champion: Open and Youth- Abbey Puzo. Reserve Champion: Open and Youth- Brandon Loch.
Grand Champion: Open and Youth- Abbey Puzo; Reserve Grand Champion: Open- Heidi Stephens-Pavelski, and Youth- Taylar Sherman. Best Udder of Show- Abbey Puzo.
Champion Market Goat- Ben Hayes; Reserve Champion Market Goat- Megan Karhnak.
Market Breeding Doe Classes: Junior Champion- Megan Karhnak, and Reserve Junior Champion- Zachary Chisek. Senior Champion- Austin Chisek, and Grand Champion- Megan Karhnak.
Nubian Goats
Junior Champion- Joe Bernoske, and Reserve Junior Champion- Victoria Fallon.
Senior Champion- Beverly Bernoske, and Reserve Senior Champion- Harold Stafford.
Grand Champion Doe- Beverly Bernoske.
All Other Reg. PureBreds
Junior Champion- Emily Carney; Reserve Junior Champion- Joanne Carney; Senior Champion- Emily Carney; Grand Champion- Emily Carney.
Recorded Grades
Junior Champion- C.J. Zebrowski; Reserve Junior Champion- Zachary Chisek; Senior Champion- Adriana Zebrowski; Grand Champion Doe- Adriana Zebrowski.
Grade Dairy Goat
Junior Champion- Brittany Zebrowski; Reserve Junior Champion- Joanne Carney; Senior Champion- Haley Hemmerly.
Best Bird of Show: Dark Cornish Pullet, owwned by Jennifer Sartell.
Reserve Bird of Show: S.C. Plymouth Rock Buff Cockerel owned by Chuck Campfield.
Best Waterfowl: Call Duck owned by Tom Buss Jr.
Lightweight: 1st: ‘Spike & Dick,’ R&R Window Contractors, Easthampton, Mass.; 2nd: ‘Bud & Tony,’ Doug Smith, Richford, N.Y.; 3rd: ‘Sam & Mike,’ Ira Kessler, Orangeville.
Heavyweight: 1st: ‘Willy & Rock,’ R&R Window Contractors, Easthampton, Mass.; ‘Pete & Fred,’ Champagne & Smith, Cunningham, Mass.; 3rd: ‘Davey & Rex,’ Jackson Sterle, Eaton, N.Y.