Country church cultivates name

Rather than holding their traditional Sunday School picnic this year, the Forest Lake Baptist Church decided to hold a new event: “Drive your tractor to church Sunday.”

Members spent about two months planning the tractor themed service and following parade, contests and picnic.
At about 10 a.m., tractors started pulling in to a field across the road. About 35 regular farm tractors of various make and vintage rumbled their way into a field across the road, as well as numerous lawn tractors, several pedal tractors, a tractor trailer, and a golf cart.
The pastor used power point slides of tractors in various states of repair to illustrate his message, “This Old Tractor.”
The slides showed a Farmall F30 in a state of near disintegration, then reassembled, then beautifully restored by skillful hands.
“God specializes in restoration,” Pastor Ken Young concluded. “He might use some sandpaper and a big ole hammer, to do it. But the end result is, there is hope.”
Even the foyer and sanctuary were decorated according to theme.
After the service, folks repaired to a nearby ball field, and the tractor parade meandered its way there, accompanied by one tractor hoisting an American flag and a booming sound system.
The attendees were welcomed with a cookout and picnic food, with a plethora of cold salads. It seemed an unofficial potato salad contest must have been in the works.
A pie contest was held, and the entries were promptly eaten. Games and tractor contests ensued. Attendees tried to guess the tractor part on a table of items, and there was an agility contest for the tractor drivers, as well as judging of the farm equipment.
Tractor Parts – guess the tractor part. There were two categories: Tractor Folks, who have been around tractors for some time, and City Folk, who haven’t. Most of those who participated got about six or seven correct.
Games and contest winners: Tractor parts: Tractor Folks – Glen Mead and Mark Mead, who tied for first place, with all 14 parts guessed correctly. City Folk: Bill Nash, who correctly guessed 12 of 14 parts correctly.
Tractor games: Back up a two axle wagon – Justin Smith; How well can you drive a tractor blindfolded – Josh Lodge/Clayton Morrow; Yes I can back up a tractor on a dot: Lawn Mower – Ed Lucas; Tractor – Clayton Morrow; Belt Driven between two tractors – Mark Mead, Glen Mead, Leonard Everitt and Tod Everitt
Best Tractors: Shiniest Tractor – Reuben Everitt; Most Unique Tractor – Everitt Lowry; Oldest Tractor – Bower Aukema; Traveled the furthest with a Lawn mower – Bill Nash; Traveled the furthest with a tractor – Justin Smith, 38 miles; Ugliest tractor – Steve Hinds.
Pie Contest: Matt Fearnley, Sandy Griffis and Bonnie Lowry.