Golf roundup


The Montrose Area varsity golf team took a pair of wins last week with an 8-1 victory at Rock Creek over Mountain View on Friday and a 9-0 victory over Lakeland at Montrose Country Club on Thursday.
Against Mountain View, Cole Wheaton defeated Chad Wescott, 4 and 3; Casey O’Reilly beat Nick Sabucaka, 1-up; Billy Stranburg downed Mark Snyder, 5 and 3; Tyler Salek (MV) beat Matt Sobiech, 2 and 1; Jordan Smith downed Adam Klees, 4 and 3; and Lance Nealy defeated Seth Decker, 4 and 2.
In bett-erball, Wheaton-O’Reilly over Wescott-Sabucaka, 5 and 3; Stranburg-Sobiech over Snyder-Salek, 2 and 1; and Smith-Nealy over Klees-Decker, 4 and 2.
On Thursday in individual play O’Reilly over Mike Thomas, 3 and 2; Wheaton over Taylor Reeves, 5 and 4; Dan English over Greg Reeves, 1-up; Stranburg over Fred Tolerico, 5 and 3; Smith over Sean Price, 5 and 3; and Nealy over Mike Brennan, 1-up.
In better-ball action, O’Reilly-Wheaton over Thomas-T. Reeves, 4 and 3; English-Stranburg over G. Reeves-Tolerico, 5 and 3; Smith-Nealy over Price-Brennan, 4 and 3.
Susquehanna’s Saber golf team took a pair 9-0 losses last week. One to Honesdale on Friday at Honesdale Golf Club and the other at Golden Oaks against Wallenpaupack on Wednesday.
ON Friday, individual play saw Cody Dirlam beat Andrew Burdick, 4 and 3; Bridget Simons beat Vince Matta, 3 and 2; Eric Fritz defeat Casey Squires, 5 and 4; Mike Kussoff down Mike Frye, 5 and 4; Mitch Daniels beat Dylan Hanes, 5 and 4; and Dylan Gavin defeat Steve Frye, 4 and 3.
In better-ball, Dirlam-Simons over Burdick-Matta, 4 and 2; Fritz-Kussoff over Squires-M. Frye, 5 and 4; Daniels-Gavin over Hanes-S. Frye, 5 and 4.
Against Wallenpaupack, individual play saw Brad Harsche down Burdick, 5 and 4; Alex Jackson defeat Frye, 4and 3; Kane Kellog defeat Squire, 4 and 3; Rocco Scartelli down Hanes, 3 and 2; Kyle Jackson beat Frye, 4 and 3; and Eric Miller by forfeit.
In better-ball, Harsche-A. Jackson over Burdick-S. Frye, 4 and 3; Kellogg-Scartelli over Squires-Haynes, 4 and 3; and K. Jackson-Miller over M. Frye, 4 and 3.
The Elk Lake varsity golf team took a 9-0 loss from Lakeland at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course on Wednesday afternoon.
In individual play Mike Thomas defeated Elk Lake’s Ricky Guiton, 5 and 3; Gaetano Zarra over Warrior Dylan Carrol, 5 and 3; Greg Reeves over EL’s Marshall McCarty, 5 and 4; Fred Tolerico over Warrior Pete McGee, 5 and 3; Mike Brennan downed EL’s Nick Marbaker, 4 and 3; and Sean Price over Adam Phillips, 3 and 2.
Better-ball action saw Thomas-Zarra beat Guiton-Carroll, 5 and 3; Reeves-Tolerico beat McCarty-McGee, 5 and 4; and Brennan-Price top Marbaker-Phillips, 3 and 2.
Forest City
The Forest City varsity golf team faced a 7-2 loss from Lackawanna Trail on the front nine of Rock Creek Golf Course on Wednesday afternoon but sprung back to defeat Blue Ridge 9-0 at Memorial Links on Thursday.
Against Trail, Forest City was led by Katie Zefran, who defeated Trail’s Matt Lochen, 3 and 1.
In individual play, Don Demarest (LT) beat Nick Luchonok, 3 and 2; Andy Dietrick (LT) downed Dom Sparks, 3 and 1; Brandon Foster (LT) topped Vince DeLucy, 4 and 3; Boslough (LT) beat Seth Thomas, 5 and 3; Katie Zefran (FC) defeated Matt Lochen, 3 and 1; and Dalton Mecke (LT) defeated Brian Nebzydoski, 3 and 1.
In better-ball, Demarest-Dietrick (LT) and Luchonok-Sparks (FC) split; Foster-Boslough (LT) over DeLucy-Thomas, 5 and 3; and Lochen-Mecke (LT) and Zefran-Nebzydoski (FC) split.
On Thursday in individual play Zefran beat Mike Gaffney, 4 and 2; Luchonok by forfeit; Sparks downed Austin French, 5 and 3; Nebzydoski by forfeit; Thomas over Ben Heppler, 5 and 3; and DeLucy by forfeit.
In better-ball, Zefran-Luchonok over Gaffney, 4 and 3; Sparks-Nebzydoski over French, 5 and 3; and Thomas-DeLucy over Heppler, 5 and 3.
Mountain View
The Mountain View Eagle varsity golf team faced an 8-1 loss to the Wallenpaupack team on Thursday afternoon.
In individual play Brad Harsche over Mark Snyder (MV), 1-up; Tyler Salak (MV) over Alex Jackson, 1-up; Kane Kellog over Adam Klees (MV), 2 and 1; Chris Cassel over Tyler Albert (MV), 5 and 4; Kyle Jackson over Chad Wescott, 4 and 3; and Eric Miller over Seth Decker (MV) 4 and 2.
In better-ball, Harcshe-A. Jackson over Snyder-Salak, 2 and 1; Kellogg-Cassel over Klees-Albert, 4 and 3; and K. Jackson-Miller over Wescott-Decker, 4 and 3.