Minute Men building construction underway

The 55-year-old, dilapidated Montrose ambulance garage on Grow Ave. was demolished earlier this week to make room for a new building.

Montrose Minute Men operations manager Jim Krupinski said some site work still needed to be done before the new building arrives in mid-September.
The new emergency service building is being built by Very Construction, of Nicholson.
Krupinski said the new building will have four garage bays and is deep enough to house eight vehicles.
In addition to garage space, the building will also contain a small meeting room as well as an equipment storage area.
The project is being partially funded by a low interest loan through the USDA as well as a grant through the USDA.
The old building had been used by the ambulance service since it was built 1955 and was falling down around the ambulance personnel.
The project is estimated to take three months and should be completed by the end of the year.