Golf roundup


The Montrose Area varsity golf team took a 9-0 shutout over Blue Ridge on Thursday and picked up a 7.5-1.5 win over Lackawanna Trail on Tuesday afternoon.

Facing Blue Ridge in individual play, Cole Wheaton over Mike Gaghney, 5 and 3; Nathan Lake by forfeit; Billy Stranburg over Austin French, 5 and 3; Katie Clark by forfeit; Jordan Smith over Ben Heppler, 5 and 4; and Tommy Krupinski by forfeit.

In better-ball, Wheaton-Lake over Gaghney, 5 and 4; Stranburg-Clark over French, 5 and 3; and Smith-Krupinski over Heppler, 5 and 4.

Against Trail in individual play Wheaton (M) over Don Demarest, 4 and 2; David Boslough (LT) over O’Reilly, 3 and 2; Stranburg (M) over Brandon Foster, 5 and 4; Dan English (M) over Andy Dietrick, 2 and 1; Smith (M) over Matt Lochen, 4 and 3; and Lance Nealy (M) over Dalton Mecke, 4 and 3.

In better-ball action Wheaton-O’Reilly (M) and Demarest-Boslough split; Stranburg-English (M) over Foster-Dietrick, 3 and 2; and Smith-Nealy over Lochen-Mecke, 4 and 3.

Forest City

Forest City’s varsity golfers faced a 9-0 shutout from Honesdale at Honesdale Golf Club on Thursday after taking a 7-2 victory over Elk Lake’s Warriors at Memorial Links on Tuesday.

Facing Honesdale in individual play, Dylan Gavin over Seth Thomas, 4 and 3; Bridget Simons over Vince DeLucy, 4 and 3; Mitch Daniels over Dom Sparks, 3 and 2; Cody Dirlam over Brian Nebzydoski, 5 and 4; Mike Kussoff over Nick Luchonok, 4 and 3; and Eric Fritz over Kevin Powell, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Gavin-Simons over Thomas-DeLucy, 4 and 3; Daniels-Dirlam over Sparks-Nebzydoski, 5 and 4; and Kussoff-Fritz over Luchonok-Powell, 4 and 3.

Against Elk Lake, Katie Zefran won her individual match and went solo in capturing her better-ball match to lead Forest City.

In individual play, Thomas (FC) over Adam Phillips, 5 and 4; Rick Guiton (EL) over DeLucy, 4 and 2; Sparks (FC) over Marshall McCarty, 3 and 1; Luchonok (FC) over Nick Markbaker, 4 and 2; Zefran (FC) over Pete McGee, 4 and 4; and Dylan Carro (EL) by forfeit.

In better ball, Thomas-DeLucy (FC) over Phillips-Guiton, 4 and 3; Sparks-Luchonok (FC) over McCarty-Marbaker, 3 and 2; and Zefran (FC) over McGee-Carro, 4 and 3.

Mt. View

Mountain View’s varsity golfers took a 7.5-1.5 victory over Susquehanna at Golden Oaks on Thursday afternoon and faced a 6.5-2.5 loss on Tuesday as they were defeated by Honesdale at Rock Creek.

On Thursday, in individual play Tyler Salak (MV) over Dylan Hanes, 5 and 4; Chad Wescott (MV) over Mike Frye, 5 and 4; Nick Sabuacak (MV) over Casey Squires, 3 and 2; Adam Klees (MV) and Vince Matta split ; Mark Snyder (MV) over Steve Frye 6 and 3; and Andrew Burdick (SUS) over Tyler Albert, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Salak0Wescott (MV) over Hanes-Frye, 5 and 4; Sabuacak-Klees (MV) over Squires-Matta, 2-up; and Snyder-Albert over Frye-Burdick, 3 and 2.

Against Honesdale in individual play, Mike Kussoff (H) over Wescott, 3 and 1; Mitch Daniels (H) over Sabuacak, 1-up; Dylan Gavin (H) over Decker, 3 and 1; Eric Fritz (H) and Klees (MV) split; Cody Dirlam (H) over Snyder, 3 and 1; Salak (MV) over Bridget Simons, 4 and 2.

Better-ball play saw Kussoff-Daniels (H) over Wescott-Sabuacak, 3 and 1; Gavin-Fritz (H) over Decker-Klees, 2 and 1; Snyder-Salak (MV) over Dirlam-Simons, 1-up.

Elk Lake

Elk Lake’s varsity golf team faced a 9-0 shutout loss from Wallenpaupack at Cricket Hill on Thursday.

In individual play,  Brad Harsche over Ricky Guiton, 2-up; Alex Jackson over Marshall McCarty, 4 and 3; Kane Kellogg over Adam Phillips, e and 2; Chris Cassel over Tim Marbaker, 5 and 4; Kyle Jackson over Pete McGee, 4 and 3; Eric Miller over Nick Marbaker, 4 and 3;

In better-ball, Harsche-Jackson over Guiton-McCarty, 3 and 2; Kelloff-Cassel over Phillips-Marbaker, 3 and 2; Jackson-Miller over McGee-Marbaker, 4 and 3.

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