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Montrose’s Jordan Smith lines up a putt during the Meteors’ 9-0 victory over Elk Lake at Tall Pines on Friday. PHOTO COURTESY OF KRIS MORAHAN


Montrose’s golf team grabbed a 9-0 win over Elk Lake at Tall Pines on Friday and took a 9-0 shutout victory over Forest City’s Foresters at Montrose Country Club on Wednesday.

Against Elk Lake, Casey O’Reilly beat Ricky Guiton, 5 and 4; Billy Stranburg defeated Matt Domasawicz, 3 and 1; Mason Legg downed Nick Marbaker, 4 and 2; Cole Wheaton beat Dylan Carroll, 5 and 4; Jordan Smith defeated Adam Phillips, 4 and 3; and Lance Nealy topped Marshall McCarty, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, O’Reilly-Stranburg over Guiton-Domasawicz, 4 and 3; Legg-Wheaton over Marbaker-Carroll, 5 and 4; and Smith-Nealy over Phillips-McCarty, 4 and 3.

Against Forest City in individual play, Cameron Dean (M) over Nick Luchonok, 3 and 2; Wheaton (M) over Brian Nebzydoski, 5 and 4; O’Reilly (M) over Katie Zefran, 1-up; Billy Stranbrug (M) over Vince DeLucy, 5 and 3; Nealy (M) over Dan Sparks, 1-up; Smith (M) over Seth Thomas, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Dean-Wheaton (M) over Luchonok-Nebzydoski, 5 and 4; O’Reilly-Stranburg (M) over Zefran-DeLucy, 3 and 1; Nealy-Smith (M) over Sparks-Thomas, 3 and 2.

Blue Ridge 

Blue Ridge’s golf team snapped a 29-match losing streak with a 5-4 victory at Conklin Players Club on Tuesday afternoon.

The Raiders also faced Western Wayne at Conklin Players Club on Thursday where they faced a 9-0 loss.

Against Western Wayne, Corey Teeple over Mike Gathaney, 5 and 3; Ryan Troiano by forfeit; Bob Dyer of Austin French, 3 and 2; Kevin Botjer by forfeit; Kevin Karabin over Ben Heppler, 4 and 3; and Zack Call by forfeit.

In better-ball, Teeple-Troiano over Gathaney, 5 and 3; Dyer-Botjer over French, 4 and 3; and Karabin-Call over Heppler, 4 and 3.

On Tuesday in individual play Gathaney (BR) over Joe Cassaro, 2 and 1; Cody Mazza (CAR) won by forfeit; French (BR) beat Tom Ruddy, 5 and 4; Eric Wallis (CAR) by forfeit; Heppler (BR) over Mike McGraw, 4 and 2; Dominick Liuzzo (CAR) by forfeit.

In better-ball, Cassaro-Mazza (CAR) over Gathaney, 2 and 1; French (BR) over Ruddy-Wallis, 4 and 3; and Bepler (BR) over McGraw-Liuzzo, 3 and 2.

Mountain View

Mountain View’s Eagle golf team was defeated 9-0 by Western Wayne on Friday at Rock Creek, faced a 5-4 loss from Carbondale at Panorama on Wednesday after grabbing a 6.5-2.5 victory over Elk at Tall Pines on Tuesday afternoon.

On Friday in individuals, Bob Dyer of Tyler Salak (MV), 4 and 3; Corey Teeple over Chad Wescott (MV), 4 and 3; Kevin Botjer over Nick Sabuacak (MV), 3 and 1; Evan Decker over Seth Decker (MV), 2 and 1; Zach Call over Mark Snyder (MV), 3 and 1; Kevin Karabin over Adam Klees (MV), 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Dyer-Teeple over Salak-Wescott, 4 and 3; Botjer-E. Decker over Sabuacak-S. Decker, 2 and 1; Call-Karabin over Snyder-Klees, 3 and 2.

Facing Carbondale in individual play, Snyder (MV) over Kelsey Vinton, 4 and 3; Joe Cassaro (CAR) over Sabuacak, 1-up; Salak (MV) over Mike Cipriano, 4 and 3; Cody Mazza (CAR) over Albert, 4 and 3; Mike McGraw (CAR) over Wescott, 2-up; Tom Ruddy (CAR) over Decker, 4 and 3.

In better-ball, Snyder-Sabuacak (MV) over Vinton-Cassaro, 5 and 3; Salak-Albert (MV) over Mazza-Ciprio, 3 and 2; McGraw-Ruddy (CAR) over Wescott-Decker, 3 and 2.  

Against Elk Lake in individual play, Salak (MV) over Matt Domasiwicz,  and 2; Wescott (MV) over Dylan Carroll, 3 and 1; Sabuacak (MV) over Nick Marbaker, 1-up; Adam Phillips (EL) over Decker, 2-up; Snyder (MV) over Marshall McCarty, 5 and 4; Ricky Guiton (EL) over Albert, 3 and 2.

Salak-Wescott (MV) over Domasiwicz-Carroll, 3 and 2; Sabuacak-Decker (MV) and Marbaker-Phillips (EL) split; Snyder-Albert (MV) over McCarty-Guiton, 4 and 3.

Elk Lake

The Elk Lake golf team took a 6-3 victory over Blue Ridge at Conklin Players Club on Wednesday.

In individuals, Mike Gathaney (BR) over Matt Domasawicz, 5 and 3; Marshall McCarty by forfeit; Austin French (BR) over Adamin Phillips, 3 and 2; Nick Marbaker (EL) by forfeit; Rick Guiton (EL ) over Ben Hepler, 5 and 3; and Dillon Carroll (EL) by forfeit.

In better-ball, Gathaney (BR) over Domasawicz-McCarty, 2 and 1; Phillips-Marbaker (EL) over Franch, 1-up; Guiton-Carroll (EL) over Heppler, 5 and 3.


The Susquehanna golf team faced a 9-0 loss from Western Wayne at Red Maples on Wednesday afternoon.

In individual play, Evan Decker over Dylan Hanes (S), 5 and 4; Kevin Botjer over Andrew Burdick (S), 3 and 2; Corey Teeple over Casey Squires (S), 4 and 3; Bob Dyer over Vince Matta (S), 5 and 4; Kevin Karabin over Mike Frye (S), 5 and 4; Zach Call over Steve Frye (S), 2-up.

In better-ball, Decker-Botjer over Hanes-Burdick (S), 3 and 2; Teeple-Dyer over Squires-Matta (S), 5 and 4; Karabin-Call over Frye-Frye (S), 5 and 4.

Forest City

Forest City’s golf team faced a 5-4 loss to Wallenpaupack at Memorial Links on Friday afternoon.

Individual play saw Katie Zefran (FC) over Alex Jackson, 3 and 1; Brad Harsch (WA) over Vince DeLucy (FC), 4 and 3; Kane Kellogg (WA) over Nick Luchonok (FC), 2 and 1; Rocco Scartelli (WA) over Kevin Powell (FC), 5 and 4; Kyle Jackson (WA) over Dom Sparks (FC), 1-up; Seth Thomas (FC) over Eric Miller (WA), 3 and 2.

In better-ball, Zefran-DeLucy (FC) over Jackson-Harsch (WA), 1-up; Kellogg-Scartelli (WA) over Luchonok-Powell (FC), 4 and 3; Sparks-Thomas (FC) over Jackson-Miller (WA), 1-up.




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