Junior Lady Warriors strike gold

Elk Lake’s Jenny VanEtten took first place overall in the District II Class AA championships at McDade Park in 11:01 as the Warriors girls took home gold. PHOTO COURTESY OF ED KING

Elk Lake’s girls’ junior high cross country team won the District II Class AA championship at McDade Park on Saturday as Jenny VanEtten took first place in the race.

KENZIE JONES (pictured far right)

VanEtten finished with a time of 11:01 to lead the Warriors, as they defeated Susquehanna by 28 points in the team standings.

Coming in behind VanEtten, was teammate Kenzie Jones, who took third overall at 11:51, while Katie Bennett took fourth at 11:54.


Also finishing for the Lady Warriors was Alayna Doolittle, who took 15th at 12:27, followed by Lauren Vermeulen in 36th at 13:25, Emily Forba in 50th at 14:11 and Courtney Chew in 63rd at 15:02.

Finishing behind Elk Lake in the team standings was Susquehanna in second as Ivy Christensen finished second overall in the race at 11:39.


Behind Christensen was Alyssa Sweeney in ninth place at 12:07, followed by Mikayla Hargett at 12:10, Piper Gautier in 31st at 13:12, Mashawna Hargett in 35th at 13:34, Jessica Plutino in 54th at 14:16 and Miranda Groover in 64th at 15:04.


Blue Ridge took seventh in the team standings as Lauren Whitney took seventh overall in the race at 12:01, followed by teammate Viktoria Layton in 12th at 12:12.

Also finishing for the Lady Raiders was Lindsey Rupakus in 41st at 13:36, Taylor Bronson in 47th at 14:01, Charlotte Hall in 53rd at 14:14, Kim Klim in 57th at 14:25 and Breanna Brewer in 59th at 14:29.

Montrose’s girls’ team took eighth place with Emma Washo taking eighth overall at 12:03. Behind Washo was teammate Angela Russell in 11th place at 12:11.

Brieanna Brunges finished in 39th place at 13:32, followed by Kayla Hitchcock in 51st at 14:12 and Taylor Warner in 58th at 14:28.

Also competing in the race was Forest City’s Amanda Tomilson who took 75th place at 15:32 and Lauren Cook who took 90th at 20:16.



Elk Lake’s boys’ team placed fifth in the team standings, as Hunter Bedell topped for the Warriors taking ninth overall in the race at 10:46.


Behind Bedell was teammate Cooper Cole in 15th at 11:01, followed by David Corneilius in 33rd at 11:40, Brandon Roman in 35th at 11:46, Zack Moon in 58th at 12:13 and Josh Brown in 66th at 12:30.

Finishing behind Elk Lake in the team standings was Montrose who took ninth place with 256 points.


Logan Stone topped for the Meteors taking 23rd at 11:29, followed

by teammate Ethan Stankewicz in 26th at 11:34.

Also finishing was Steven Shelp in 63rd at 12:29, Will Traver in 67th at 12:52, Liam McKeeby in 77th at 13:23, Justin Loomis in 82nd at 14:00 and Justin Richel in 86th at 14:19.


Susquehanna’s boys took 11th place in the team standings at 289 points as Justin Acone placed 25th overall at 11:34.

Behind Acone was Nick Acosta in 29th place at 11:38, Sal Pelicci in 64th a 12:41, Brad Sherman in 79th at 13:33, Justin Stanford in 92nd at 15:33, Jake Smith in 93rd at 15:33 and Mike Armitage in 95th at 16:27.

Also competing was Mountain View’s James Goodenough, who took 42nd overall at 11:52, followed by teammate Joe Nally in 65th at 12:29, Seth Fluck in 97th at 13:57 and Doug Martin in 111th at 15:31.

Forest City’s Caelin Logar took 84th at 13:19, followed by Mike Kitchura in 108th at 14:56 and Neal Albright in 116th at 17:11.

Blue Ridge’s Jacob Davenport in 88th at 13:26,

“B” Division Race

A number of Elk Lake athletes also ran in the “B” Race, which was for all those school’s team members not currently ranked amongst the top seven runners.

The winner of the boys’ race was Nicholas Rose of Abington Heights at 11:19, while Scranton Prep’s Abbie Grady topped for the girls at 13:19.

In the boys’ “B” Race, Elk Lake’s Austin Bennett finished in 22nd place at 12:13, followed by teammate Ty Moon in 33rd place at 12:34.

Warrior Brad Dietrick took 43rd in the race at 12:55, while Dalton Sherman took 51st at 13:22.

Susquehanna’s Tracy Miller placed 80th overall in 15:36, while AJ Chandler took 91st overall at 17:58.

In the girls’ “B” Race, Elk Lake’s Keeley Carney took 39th place overall in 15:55.

Susquehanna’s Kayla Swartz took 17th at 14:25, Cori Glidden took 29th at 15:21, Alyssa Rockwell placed 31st at 15:26, Rachel Hubal took 32nd at 15:27, Nicole Sherman placed 37th at 15:47, Katie Greene took 38th at 15:54 and Gabrielle Cina took 40th at 15:58.

For Blue Ridge, Kaitlyn Konsur took 46th at 16:26.

Team Standings

BOYS: 1-Dunmore 35; 2-Lakeland 93; 3-Holy Cross 98; 4-Northwest 99; 5-Elk Lake 126; 6-Lake-Lehman 187; 7-Mid Valley 195; 8-Holy Redeemer 223; 9-Montrose 256; 10-Hanover 269; 11-Susquehanna 289; 12-Wyoming Area 303; 13-Riverside 310; 14-Holy Family 368; 15-Wyoming Seminary 398.

GIRLS: 1-Elk Lake 59; 2-Susquehanna 87; 3-Holy Redeemer 97; 4-Holy Cross 125; 5-Riverside 151; 6-Lake-Lehman 155; 7-Blue Ridge 160; 8-Montrose 167; 9-Mid Valley 192; 10-Lakeland 241; 11-Dunmore 243; 12-Wyoming Seminary 270.

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