Penn Vest approves pipeline


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The Pennvest board voted 10-2 today to approve public financing for a $11.8 million, 12.5-mile water line to serve residents of Dimock Twp. lacking safe water supplies.

The financing will provide a state grant of $11.6 million and $172,000 loan to build a pipeline from Lake Montrose to an area where water wells are contaminated with methane gas.  

The board heard testimony from Dimock Twp. residents both supporting and opposed to the project.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has said it will sue Cabot Oil & and Gas Corp. to recover the costs of the pipeline project. A Cabot attorney urged the board to delay action on the application by Pennsylvania American Water Company.

The board also approved a $17.7 million low-interest loan to help finance an expansion of the sewage treatment system operated by the Scranton City Authority to address capacity issues. 

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