New Milford budget holds line


Residents of New Milford borough won’t see their local tax bills going up this year.

Council adopted the borough’s $296,045 2011 budget at the Dec. 2 meeting.

There were no significant changes made from the current budget to the upcoming year’s budget. Funding levels for the pool and fire protection, sources of debate in budget talks last year, have remained at the current level.

It was reported the borough’s zoning board issued a conditional denial due to insufficiencies on the application for a variance regarding the use of the storage trailers located off Main St.

Property owner Ireno Monteforte has 30 days to revise the application for the zoning variance. The zoning hearing board next meets on Jan. 4, 2011.

The storage trailers have been on the council’s monthly list of code enforcement’s concerns and complaints for several months.

Council president Jim Carr said, “We could easily be talking about this next summer.”

New Milford received a $2,500 tourism grant from the Endless Mountains Visitors’ Bureau to complete structural work to the gazebo in Mid-Town Park.

The council has been provided the opportunity to submit comments to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency regarding the proposed low income elderly housing project in the borough.

Council plans to send a letter in favor of the project.

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