Girls’ basketball wrap-up


The Montrose Area girls’ basketball team grabbed a 59-42 victory at Holy Cross on Saturday after it picked up a 53-50 home win on Thursday evening.

Against Holy Cross, Montrose got ahead early with a 15-10 run in the first quarter, before dominating the Crusaders 16-8 in the second to hold a 31-18 lead at the half.

After halftime, Montrose paced Holy Cross 18-14 in the third and each team scored 10 in the fourth as the Meteors took the win.

Amelia DiPhillips scored 18 points while Katelyn Spellman added 12 and Dallas Ely scored 11 for Montrose.

Wyalusing pulled ahead after outscoring the Meteors 11-7 in the first quarter, but Montrose quickly got back on the board with a 22-12 run in the second to hold a 29-23 lead at the half.

After halftime, Wyalusing paced the Meteors 14-9 in the third to see the game at 38-37 going into the fourth.

In the final quarter, Montrose pulled ahead with a 15-13 run over Wyalusing to take the win.

The Meteors were led by Ely with 26 points while Sam Abbott added 13 and DiPhillips chipped in seven.


Susquehanna’s girls’ basketball team took a 62-5 drubbing from Mid Valley at home on Tuesday.

The first quarter saw the Spartans outscore the Sabers 28-0, before pacing Susquehanna 16-4 in the second to hold a 44-4 lead at halftime.

In the second half, Mid Valley led the Sabers 9-0 in the third quarter, before finishing them off with a 9-1 run in the fourth.

Susquehanna was led by Erin Carmody with three points.

Forest City

Forest City’s girls’ basketball team picked up a 51-30 victory over Old Forge on the road Tuesday night.

The Foresters got ahead early as they paced Old Forge 13-6 in the first quarter, before leading the way 12-9 in the second to hold a 25-15 lead at the half.

After the break, Forest City outscored the Blue Devils 11-2 in the third and finished off the game leading the way 15-13 in the fourth.

Forest City was led by Katie Yale with 14 points while Cassie Erdmann added 13 points and Kiersten Collins dropped in six.

Mountain View

The Mountain View girls’ basketball team took a 53-51 win at Western Wayne on Friday night after picked up a 60-48 win over Tunkhannock on the road Wednesday and facing a 64-42 loss from Riverside on the road on Tuesday.

At Western Wayne, Mountain View took the lead after the first quarter with an 8-7 run, and led at halftime with a 15-12 run in the second.

After the break, Western Wayne came out to give Mountain View some trouble as the Wildcats paced the Eagles 19-5, but Mountain View went on a 25-13 run in the fourth to take the win.

The Eagles were led by Alex Lynn with 16 points while Melissa Monahan added 10.

Against Tunkhannock, the Eagles fell behind 13-8 after the first quarter, but quickly rebounded with a 19-2 run in the second quarter to give the Eagles a 27-15 lead at the half.

After halftime, Mountain View and Tunkhannock each scored 12 in the third quarter, and each scored 21 in the fourth to give Mountain View the 12-point victory.

The Eagles were led by Lynn with 17 points and Kayla Kazmierski with 15 points and 15 rebounds.

On Tuesday, Mountain View was outscored 18-11 in the first quarter and 19-14 in the second to trail 37-25 at halftime.

In the third quarter, Riverside led the way 18-7 before finishing off the Eagles in the fourth as Mountain View outscored the Vikings 10-9 in the final minutes.

Mountain View was led by Monahan and Megan Kress who each scored eight.

Elk Lake

Elk Lake’s girls’ basketball team was handed a 59-17 loss from Holy Cross on the road on Tuesday.

The Warriors started out the game to be outscored 10-4 in the first quarter, and 14-2 in the second to rail 24-6 at halftime.

After the half, Holy Cross came out to pace the Warriors 18-9 in the third and then finished out the game with a 17-2 fourth quarter over Elk Lake.

The Warriors were led by Meagan Bush with seven points while Kenzi Moon chipped in four.

Kellie Grosvenor, Katie Mitchell and Mazie Tyler each had two points.

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Lady Raiders faced a 61-21 loss at Honesdale on Thursday and a 58-23 loss from Athens in a game at home on Tuesday.

Against Honesdale, the Raiders fell behind early with a 25-6 first quarter, before Honesdale outscored the Raiders 17-0 in the second to make it a 42-6 game at the half.

In the third, Honesdale paced Blue Ridge, 7-5, before finishing them off with a 12-10 run in the final minutes.

Blue Ridge was led by Kristin Brown with seven points and Jackie Furch with five, while Ashley Warren dropped in four points.

Athens jumped out to an early 21-2 lead after the first quarter, and paced the Raiders 14-5 in the second to make it a 35-8 game at the half.

Blue Ridge then came out in the third quarter to be outscored 14-12, and Athens took the win after outscoring the Raiders 9-3 in the fourth.

Blue Ridge was led by Brown with 12 points while Warren dropped in five.


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