New Milford adopts burn ordinance


New Milford council voted unanimously Jan. 6 to adopt an ordinance that addresses open burning in the borough.

Complaints about burning garbage and other items that gave off what was described as noxious fumes were brought to council’s attention prior to the passage of the ordinance.

The newly adopted regulation will allow the borough codes officer to better address those concerns.

Council also agreed to send out a letter to some property owners with information about the ordinance.

The new borough law does not prohibit the use of grills or barbecues and even allows for burning leaves.

The ordinance prohibits open burning but allows for burning in containers of materials that don’t emit noxious fumes, such as plastics and rubber.

Fines for violations of the burn ordinance can range from $100 to $1000.

Concerns were also raised about junk vehicles; the number of units in a rental property; and pigs being raised at a borough residence.

Council opted to have borough codes officer, Mike Dopko, investigate the matters.

A resident expressed interest in purchasing the old, wood frame ice skating rink from the borough. There is no liner for the rink.

In order to sell an item, the borough had to first adopt a resolution to sell personal property.

The value of the rink also has to be determined which has proved to be a difficult task. The rink’s manufacturer has gone out of business so no valuation is available from that company.

Borough secretary Amy Hine is looking for more quotes.

Several appointments were made at the meeting:

Attorney Michael Briechle was appointed solicitor; Amy Hine, borough secretary/ treasurer; People’s Neighborhood Bank, designate bank; the Susquehanna County Independent, newspaper of record; Jim Carpenetti and Greg Piechocki, emergency management coordinator and deputy; Teri Gulick, four-year term to the planning commission; Chris Bronson and Greg Clinton, five year terms to the municipal authority.

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