Local dealership gets facelift

Montrose Motors staff, from left: Bill Zalewski, Carol Peckins, Rob Ladner, Bud Vitale, Robert Nolan, Christina Dougherty, Dan Lake and Neil Conboy.


Montrose Motors owner Bud Vitale said recent renovations to the Grow Ave. auto dealership were long overdue.

Starting in 2010, with work continuing into this year, Vitale said the showroom has been remodeled and the building itself has a whole new facade.

Vitale said, “It’s the first time it’s been renovated. This is an ongoing project. Renovations in the garage area are still to come.”

Vitale said, “Everybody likes what we’ve been doing. I don’t think anyone misses the old.”

The Vitale family has owned the Ford dealership since 1970 and the building was first built in 1946.

“There history here,” Vitale said. “A lot of people walk in and we’ve sold cars to their parents or grandparents. People come in who bought here before my family came in. We even have second generation employees.”

Vitale said, “You get to know the customers here. They are the people you see at the grocery store, VFW, pumping gas.”

Montrose Motors is now the only new car dealership in operation in the town and carries the Ford vehicle line.

The Mercury line, made up of Ford comparable vehicles, quietly ended on Jan. 1, according to Vitale.

But the development of the natural gas industry in the area has had a positive impact on the dealership, said Vitale.

As the business passes through and those workers spend money, it brings more job security to area employees, Vitale noted.

Vitale said, “In the current economy, keeping businesses is just as important as adding new businesses.”

Vitale mentioned new banks opening branches in the area and staffing increases made to handle additional workloads in local law offices due to the gas industry.

“Pretty soon it adds up,” Vitale said. “We’re going to continue to see progress in other areas because of the gas companies.”

“Hopefully we will eventually see some new businesses in the area that will be lasting,” Vitale added.

He also has hopes for how the local dealership will fit in with the area’s growth.

 “We hope to continue to grow and expand our inventory while continuing to take care of our customers as we have in the past,” Vitale said.

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