Area wrestlers medal at league tourney

Elk Lake’s Devin Fiorentino (130) is handled by Honesdale’s Ryan Smith before losing by an 11-1 decision in the finals. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

Elk Lake’s Devin Fiorentino placed second overall at the Lackawanna League Wrestling Tournament held at Scranton High School on Saturday, while Blue Ridge’s Zack Edwards and Dalton Church, along with Montrose’s Zach Thorne took bronze.

Fiorentino (130) made it to the finals before being defeated by Honesdale’s Ryan Smith by an 11-1 decision.

Edwards (112) defeated Abington Heights’ Nick Senuk in the third place bout to take bronze, while Church (130) beat Scranton’s Jimmy McNally with a 7-2 decision in the third place match.

Zach Thorne (160) beat Wallenpaupack’s Garrett Zeiler with a 3-0 decision to take bronze.

Blue Ridge’s Zack Edwards (112) handles Abington Heights’ Nick Senuk before taking a 6-2 decision to take third place. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

Susquehanna’s Tom Maby (140) placed fourth on Saturday while Elk Lake’s Dan Daly (135) and Montrose’s Nick Moore (285) each took fifth, and Blue Ridge’s Edward Gorick (103) took sixth place.

Blue Ridge took 11th in the team standings with 40 points as Western Wayne placed first at 196.5. Montrose finished in 12th with 32 points while Elk Lake took 13th with 28 points and Susquehanna placed 14th at 10 points.

Team Scores: 1-Western Wayne (WW) 196.5; 2-Delaware Valley (DV) 188; 3-Honesdale (HON)

Montrose’s Zach Thorne puts his weight on Wallenpaupack’s Garrett Zeiler in the third place match on Saturday. Thorne won 3-0. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

183; 4-Wallenpaupack (WALL) 129; 5-Lackawanna Trail (LT) 115; 6-Abington Heights (AH) 114.5; 7-West Scranton (WS) 98.5; 8-Scranton (SCR) 66; 9-Valley View (VV) 44.5; 10-Scranton Prep (SP) 43; 11-Blue Ridge (BR) 40; 12-Montrose (MON) 32; 13-Elk Lake (EL) 28; 14-Susquehanna Community (SUS) 10.

Championship First Round

119: Billy Lee (LT) pinned Lewis Esposito (BR), 3:24; 125: Josh Slocum (AH) pinned Kevin Zamorski (MON), :37; 130: Jeremiah Johnson

Susquehanna’s Tom Maby (140) gets a hold of Western Wayne’s Lucas Karnick before losing by a 3-2 decision to take fourth at the Lackawanna League Wrestling Tournament at Scranton High School on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

(MON) pinned Nathan Gelb-Dyller (SP), 3:29; 135: Shane McTiernan (SCR) dec. Anthony Benacquisto (MON), 12-2; 171: Ethan Wehrman (WALL) pinned Isaiah Ofalt (EL), 3:18; 189: Tyler Dibenedetto (HON) pinned Connor McNamara (MON), 3:45; 215: John Shaffer (MON) pinned Josh Amendola (SP), 4:00.


103: Edward Gorick (BR) pinned Heather Traver (MON), 3:52; 112: Evan Kennedy (HON) pinned Troy Maby (SUS), 2:54; Nick Senuk (AH) dec. Zack Edwards (BR), 4-3; 130: Dalton Church (BR) pinned Jeremiah Johnson (MON), 2:36; Devin Fiorentino (EL) dec. Declan Haggerty (WS), 10-7;

Elk Lake’s Dan Daly (135) clamps down on Scranton Prep’s Griffith Walters in the fifth place match before winning by pin at 4:43. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

135: Manny Mirailh (WW) pinned Dan Daly (EL), 1:35; 140: Tom Maby (SUS) dec. Lucas Karnick (WW), 6-2; 145: Nick Schan (WALL) pinned Nick Vales (SUS), 2:21; 152: Kenny Sebastianelli (SP) dec. Jared Curry (EL), 9-5; 160: Zach Thorne (MON) pinned Nick Venditti (HON), 2:42; 189: Caleb Darling (LT) pinned Jon Haines (SUS), :24; 215: Matt Rosensweet (WW) pinned Shaffer (MON), :20; 285: Joseph Ingaglio (WW) pinned Nick Moore (MON), 1:42.


103: Greg Pascale (AH) tech. fall Gorick (BR), 15-

Montrose’s Nick Moore (285) battles with West Scranton’s Kevin Lewis before pinning him in 2:37 to take fifth place at the Lackawanna League Wrestling Tournament at Scranton High on Saturday. STAFF PHOTO/ROBERT BAKER

0; 130: Fiorentino (EL) dec. Jimmy McNally (SCR), 12-8; Ryan Smith (HON) dec. Church (BR), 6-0; 140: Joe Stellatto (DV) dec. Tom Maby (SUS), 2-1; 160: Marc Wagner (DV) tech. fall Thorne (MON), 16-0.

Consolation Quarterfinals

103: Ben Rutledge (HON) pinned Traver (M), :35; 112: Edwards (BR) by forfeit Maby (SUS); 130: Raphael Ingaglio (WW) dec. Johnson (MON), 7-1; 135: Daly (EL) default Keith Tsuhako (WALL); 145: Sean Cuff (SP) pinned Vales (SUS), 3:37; 152: Dylan Crusen (SCR) dec. Curry (EL), 2-1; Ryan Rudelavage (SP) pinned Haines (SUS), 2:20; 215: Rich Kucharski (WS) pinned Shaffer (MON), 4:17; 285: Moore (MON) pinned Dan Peterson (DV), 2:51.

Consolation Semifinals

103: Brett Mulroy (DV) dec. Gorick (BR), 4-2; 112: Edwards (BR) dec. Josh Rake (WALL), 4-2; 130: Church (BR) pinned Declan Haggerty (WS), 1:55; 135: Chavez Lill (HON) pinned Daly (EL), :57; 140: Maby (SUS) dec. Chris Donnelly (SP), 9-3; 160: Thorne (MON) dec. Joe Baress (WS), 6-0; 285: Mike Galantini (VV) dec. Moore (MON), 12-5.

Fifth Place

103: Nick Chesko (VV) tech. fall Gorick (BR), 20-5; 135: Daly (EL) pinned Griffith Walters (SP), 4:43; 285: Moore (MON) pinned Kevin Lewis (WS), 2:37.

Third Place

112: Edwards (BR) dec. Nick Senuk (AH), 6-2; 130: Church (BR) dec. Jimmy McNally (SCR), 7-2; 140: Lucas Karnick (WW) dec. Maby (SUS), 3-2; 160: Thorne (MON) dec. Garrett Zeiler (WALL), 3-0.

Championship Finals

130: Ryan Smith (HON) dec. Fiorentino, 11-1.