DA Legg warns: ’2Smart4Trbl’

District Attorney Jason Legg talks to Blue Ridge Middle School students about making good choices as part of the ‘2Smart4Trbl’ program that provides information about the juvenile justice system. STAFF PHOTO/STACI WILSONBY STACI WILSON

Young people sometimes make choices that come with some unexpected consequences. And those choices can lead them into the juvenile justice system.

A new video program title ‘2Smart4Trbl’ is geared toward middle school students and shows common situations that would bring a minor into the juvenile justice system.

Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg said, “The purpose of the discussion is to provide kids with some real life examples of how easy it can be to get into trouble – and how serious that trouble can be.  The video portrays two scenarios involving teenagers that result in juvenile arrests.”

Once charges are filed, Legg said to the Blue Ridge students, “Your parents can’t help you. Your teachers can’t help you. It’s all in the hands of the justice system.”

In addition to Blue Ridge, Legg has presented the program to middle school students in Elk Lake and Montrose. He also plans to speak at Susquehanna Community and Mountain View.

School officials at Blue Ridge and Elk Lake have asked Legg to return and present the program again to older students.

Legg said a common misconception is that if a minor is charged with a crime, the child’s record “goes away” when he turns 18.

“Not true,” Legg said.

Legg also told students that serious charges, especially those involving weapons or violence, could result in a adult charges being filed against a child.

Following the video, Legg fielded questions from the students about the situations depicted and led a discussion about better choices the teens in the film could have made.

In one story featured, a situation that starts as teasing and bullying escalates into a criminal threat against another student.

The video also focused on drug and weapons possession, as well as bomb threats.

Students were shown charges filed against the teens; an appearance in front of a judge; and one student being sent to a juvenile detention center.

Legg said the question and answer portion took on a life of its own at Elk Lake.

Students there, he said, asked about the Tunkhannock High School bomb threats and the charges leveled against some of the students involved.

One of those students, who was 18, was charged as an adult, Legg told the student assembly.

 ‘2Smart4Trbl’ is sponsored by the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and Media Solutions.

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  • chunkeemonkee

    Very good idea Jason.Middle school is a very hard adjustment for pre-teens and teens.