AWANA holds Grand Prix

Nate Pettyjohn of Rush came in first place for speed in the Amateur Class, with car 98.

Jaelyn Smith was awarded trophies for design and speed, coming in fourth place in the race and winning third for design in the Truth and Training class.


The AWANA program at Forest Lake Baptist Church held its annual AWANA Grand Prix Saturday.

AWANA clubbers designed and made their own cars, with some help from a pit crew who helped contenders streamline their cars and have them weigh in within required limits.

The Grand Prix had an Amateur Speed Division, as well as a “professional” competition between adults who wanted to compete as well.

The pine wood cars were raced on a track that church members have perfected over the years, which instantly displays the cars placing. time and speed, which are projected on a screen.

Hot dogs, hot pretzels and nachos were enjoyed, and a devotional was given by Pastor Ken Young and Matt Fearnley