Local archers heading to nationals

Blue Ridge High School and Choconut Valley Elementary’s National Archery in the Schools teams both qualified to attend the upcoming national championships in Louisville, Kentucky.

The top schools in each of the three divisions – elementary, middle school and high school – automatically qualified for nationals, taking place May 13-14.  In addition, those teams that meet minimum qualifying scores also are eligible.

The first place team in the elementary school division (grades fourth through sixth) was Choconut Valley Elementary School. Williams Valley High School won the high school division (grades ninth through twelfth). In addition, the high school division teams of Halifax High School and Blue Ridge qualified for the national competition based on their total scores.

Also, 50 individuals who placed first through fifth in the male and female category for each grade level of the elementary division (fourth through sixth) and in the middle and high school divisions also qualified for the national competition.

Choconut Valley finished up the standings with 2,807 total points to defeat New Castle Christian Academy with 2,547.

Also placing in the top six was Lathrop Street Elementary, with 2,080 total points.

Blue Ridge took third place with 2,932, while Williams Valley had 3,112 to place first and Halifax had 2,944 to take second place.

Choconut Valley’s team had six archers place in the top 10 of the elementary division with John Giangrieco taking first place with 273 points.

Also finishing in the top 10 were, 3-Andrew Fedish 254; 4-Devin Frey 252; 7-Tyler Dovin 241; 8-Maverick Timms  240; 10-Joe Munda 237.

Also competing for the Choconut Valley Elementary boys’ team were, Joseph Hester (14th-231), Alan-Michael Strohl (15th-230), Maverick Beeman (18th-216), Nick Amorino (19th-215), Zachary Gardner (23rd-210), Nate Giles (24th-207), Thomas Rosevear (26th-205), Maverick Naylor (33rd-200), Dylan Hummel (39th-196), Hayden Frey (46th-191), Caleb Sjostrom (55th-165), Caleb Foster (56th-164), Kristopher Molinar (59th-158), Michael Redding (63rd-158), Taylor Minarsky (65th-150), Nicholas Howard (67th-143) and Andrew Rapisardi (70th-119).

Finishing tops for the Choconut Valley girls’ team was Mddie Guinane in third with 232 points while Makenzie Garner took 10th with 220 points and Kayla Eshbaugh was 13th with 212.

Also competing for the Choconut girls’ team was Emily Hare (16th-210), Alexis Waldron (17th-204), Mercedes Strohl (21st-198), Angie Ford (29th-181), Courtney White (31st-171), Betsey Warner (33rd0168) and Autumn Davis (36th-165).

For Blue Ridge High School, Gino Galu topped for the Raider team, taking third place in the division with 272 total points.

Also finishing in the top 25 for Blue Ridge was: 10-Scott Heeman 258; 16-Sean Stanley 254; 20-Chris Carlsen 249; 21-Billy Rupakus 248; 24-Joe Phillips 245.

Also competing for Blue Ridge High School’s  boys’ team were, Austin French (27th-239), Eric Smith (31st-233), Tama Edgar (32nd-232), Kevin McCarey (35th-228), Taylor Carlsen (36th-227), David Miller (37th-226), Alex Glover (38th-224), Tee Jay Loomis (39th-223), Mike Gathany (50th-208), Kyle Frailey (51st-206), Randy Stone (55th-191) and Zach Benedict (56th-174).

On the girls’ side, Blue Ridge’s Katherine Conklin took 3rd place at 255 points, followed by Rhonda Lynch in 11th place at 239 points, Casey Gorick in 15th place at 225 and Hayley Rupakus in 18th place at 215.

Also competing for the Blue Ridge girls was Brooklyn Welch (22nd-207), Allison Coller (24th-206), Holly Holbrook (25th-204), Megan Merritt (27th-192), Alicia Osterhout (28th-190), Kara Empett (29th-187) and Beth Krug (33rd-177).

Lathrop Street Elementary also participated with CJ Washburn taking 41st place with 195 points and Frank Lubash finishing 47th at 190 points.

Also competing for Lathrop Street were Joey Mann (49th-183), Michael Pettit (62nd-153) and Ethan Pettit (72nd-105).

Finishing tops for Lathrop’s girls’ team was Brianna Baker in eighth place with 225 points, followed by Alexis Hartman in 25th at 195 points and Gabrielle Baker in 45th with 139 points.

Montrose Middle School had participants as well with Justin Loomis topping for the team placing third with 260 points, followed by McCade Callaway in fourth with 260 points.

Also competing were Thomas Williams (8th-250), Josh Giles (9th-248), Jacob Hayes (10th-247), Ben Foster (11th-247), Tyler Casey (28th-202), Matt Legg (31st-191).

On the girls’ side Katie Warner topped with a third place at 260, followed by Karalyn Foster in 12th at 228.

Also competing were Alexy Callaway (14th-226), Michela Pike (18th-213), Katie Wurth (23rd-189), Annie Hester (34th-101).

Montrose High School had participants in Nicholas Meyers, who took first place at 284 while Ben Hayes took fifth at 270 points.

Also competing were Korey Stimmel (22nd-248) and Adam Wurth (60th-123).

On the girls side was Kassidi Ramirez, who took first place with 274 points, followed by Blair Pipher in 2nd with 266 points. Also competing was Julia Amorino in 16th place at 225.