Little League hitting diamond


Susquehanna County Little League organizations are hitting the local diamonds and kicking off a new year of baseball and softball action.

There are five leagues around the county, which are: B & M Little League, Susco East Little League, Triboro Little League, Susquehanna County Little League and Blue Ridge Little League.

Here are the basics about each league:

Montrose Little League

B & M Little League will kick off its season on Saturday, Apr. 30, and covers a geographic area of Montrose Borough, Bridgewater Township, Franklin Township and Liberty Township.

The league plays its games at Post Pond Sports Complex along Post Pond Road, in Bridgewater Township and Memorial Park along Cherry Street in Montrose.

Montrose offers tee-ball, coach-pitch, minor league baseball and softball, major league teams baseball and softball and junior boys teener league baseball teams.

Triboro Little League

Triboro Little League which covers the Susquehanna, Starucca and Lanesboro area will start its season on Saturday, Apr. 30.

The league has minor league baseball, coach-pitch, major league softball, tee ball, minor league softball and major league baseball team.

Triboro Little League games are played at Oakland Baseball Park and Prospect Field.

A full schedule for Triboro Little League can be found at

Blue Ridge

Little League

The Blue Ridge Little League which covers Great Bend, Hallstead, New Milford, Lakeside and part of Jackson, will begin its 2010 season on Saturday, May 7, by spending the day at the Hallstead Ball Field along Route 11.

This league has six tee-ball teams, four coach-pitch teams, three minor boys teams, two minor girls teams, two major boys teams, one major girls team and one teener boys team.

Blue Ridge has three fields that it currently plays on. They are, New Milford Field behind Blue Ridge Racquet and Health Club on Church Street, New Milford; Hallstead Ball Field, along Route 11, next to Simmons-Rockwell Motors, in Hallstead; Great Bend Field at Rec Park on Spring Street in Great Bend; and Hallstead American Legion Field along Route 7, in Hallstead.

Susco East

Little League

The Susco East Little League spans across the eastern part of the county and covers Harford, Lenox, Brooklyn, Lathrop, Springville, Dimock, Clifford and South Gibson.

Susco East will start its season on Saturday, Apr. 30, with a Field Day to celebrate a new season.

The league has four fields in which it plays, they are, Harford Field, by the Old Harford School; Springville Field, off Marcy Street behind the old school; Clifford Field, behind the old elementary school; and Brooklyn/Hop Bottom field, along Route 167 in Brooklyn.

Susco East has tee ball, coach-pitch, minor league girls, major league girls, minor league boys, major league boys and senior girls teams.

Susquehanna County

Little League

Susquehanna County Little League will start its season on Saturday, Apr. 30, with a series of games.

The league covers Auburn, Rush, Choconut, and also Fairdale.

Susquehanna County League’s games are played at a few different fields, which are, Rush Home Field at the intersection of Route 267 and Route 706 in Lawton, Auburn Ball Field off of Route 267 at the Auburn four corners (field is located behind the township building), Choconut Elementary field off Route 267 and at Legg Field along Route 267 in Choconut.

Susquehanna County has tee ball teams, coach-pitch teams, minor boys’ teams, major boys’ teams, minor girls’ teams, major girls’ teams and senior softball teams.

More information regarding the league can be found at