Man pleads guilty to dealing heroin



A man arrested by police last year outside a Lenox area convenience store with 43 individual packets of heroin in his possession pleaded guilty in Susquehanna County Court on Friday.

John Tunis Hall, 36, faces up to 15 years in prison with a three year minimum on the felony possession with intent to deliver charge.

In a plea agreement, District Attorney Jason Legg agreed to waive the mandatory minimum sentence. He also asked that Hall be sent to the state prison at Camp Hill to undergo an evaluation to see if he is eligible for the Dept. of Correction’s state intermediate punishment program (SIP) which provides for intensive drug and alcohol treatment. The 30-day evaluation for admittance into the program must be done prior to sentencing.

Judge Kenneth Seamans granted Hall be submitted to the Dept. of Corrections to determine his eligibility for the SIP program. Sentencing was scheduled for July 21.