Accident claims Hop Bottom teen

BY DAVID FALCHEK and ERIN MOODY, Times-Shamrock Writers

A Hop Bottom teen about to start high school died Friday in an accidental electrocution.

Ebon C. Foose, 14, apparently touched wires while playing with his cousins at his aunt’s house on Abbott Street in Wilkes-Barre. Ebon was due to start his freshman year at Mountain View High School in the fall.

For Luzerne County Coroner John Corcoran, the incident is tragic and cautionary. “They were playing hide-and-seek,” Corcoran said. “Kids, and often adults, don’t realize how dangerous electricity can be.”

Wilkes-Barre firefighters and police discovered the boy between a clothes dryer and a wall.

First responders performed advanced life support and transported him to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Plains Twp., where he was declared dead, Corcoran said.

He added that after a thorough investigation the death was determined to be due to accidental electrocution.