Emergency coordination gets boost with mobile trailer


The county’s emergency management capabilities will soon get a boost with the addition of a mobile communications trailer.

The two-person, single axle trailer can be used during emergency situations until the large mobile unit out of Lackawanna County arrives if needed, 911 director Art Donato said.

The trailer has been purchased with a grant through the Northeast Counter Terrorism Task Force. The trailer should arrive in the county within the next few weeks.

Donato said the mobile trailer will also help emergency management and the 911 department with on-scene coordination at major events, such as search and rescue efforts.

It could also be utilized for events in the county where there are a large number of police and fire personnel present, like the Harford Fair and July 4 festivities in Montrose.

“There are a lot of features to it,” Donato said. “I can’t wait until it gets here to find out what its full capabilities are.”

At the July 13 commissioners’ meeting, the county opted to sign an agreement with Verizon to handle the communications for the new trailer.

The service will cost $100 per month, initially, and $128.97 per month during a user training period. After training the monthly cost to the county will be reduced by about half.

The commissioners exonerated the tax claim bureau from collecting $378.80 in delinquent taxes on a trailer belonging to Samantha Colon in White’s Trailer Park, Clifford Twp. The trailer was exonerated as razed.

Del Longo Fence Compnay, New Milford, will furnish and install three barrier gates and one fence at the Recycling Center to close off the non-public area of the building. Cost to the county is $6,500.

The county is purchasing a copier from Topps Business Solutions at a cost of $11,450 and a monthly equipment maintenance and supply fee of $120. The copier is being purchased for the commissioner’s office and paid for with records improvement fund monies.

Wendy Yadlosky, Clifford Twp., was hired by Magisterial District Judge Suzanne Brainard as a clerk typist, effective July 1.

Marissa Cino, Union Dale, was hired by President Judge Kenneth Seamans, as a Judicial Law Clerk. Start date for the position is Aug. 2.

As a part of the Solid Waste Plan revision, municipal waste disposal capacity agreements, effective Aug. 1, were sign with Alliance Sanitary Landfill; Clinton County Solid Waste Authority; Commonwealth Environmental Systems, L.P.; Keystone Sanitary Landfill Inc.; Phoenix Resources Landfill; Pine Grove Landfill; and Taylor Garbage Service Inc.

The commissioners signed a five-year program management agreement for the emergency food assistance program with the state Dept. of Agriculture. The agreement commences on Oct. 1 and runs through Sept. 30, 2016.

The county will manage the program through its lead agency, Trehab, and pass through a minimum of $500 per month received by the county from the state for administrative costs.

The commissioners also signed the sate food purchase program agreement with Trehab. Through the agreement, the Dept. of Agriculture is authorized to provide funds for the purchase, transportation, storage and distribution of food to participants in the program.

The county designates and subcontracts with Trehab to participate in the program on behalf of the county.

Trehab is responsible for complying with all state requirements, including record  retention, reporting, accounting methods and audits.