DEP approves permits for gas pads near Lyncott Landfill


The New Milford Township supervisors reviewed erosion and sediment control general permits issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources on July 20, noting that among them were several on or near the former Lyncott Corp. facility.

The landfill was closed in the 1980s after decades of use as an industrial chemical disposal site.

Southwestern Energy has leased property in the township for gas drilling sites, and the supervisors recently sent a letter to legislators informing them of their concern that drilling in the landfill vicinity might further compromise groundwater there.

State and federal environmental regulators continue to monitor the leaking chemicals, which have stabilized but continue to leach into the groundwater and private wells.

The pad’s erosion control permit was granted on May 10. The drilling permit for that pad’s first well is still under review.

Southwestern sent a Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use of water at the Lyncott Corp Pad, as well as the Bark’em Squirrel Pad, for review by theNew MilfordTownshipsupervisors for the July meeting.

According to the supervisors, one pad is on the Lyncott property, but not on the landfill itself. The DEP also issued erosion and sediment control general permits for three pads in the landfill vicinity.

Another nearby pad is slated to be placed on the Roman property, not Lyncott, but the access road for the pad will run through the Lyncott property.

Several other proposed Southwestern Energy gas drilling sites were also issued erosion and sediment control general permits by DEP. Those sites are located on other roads in the township.

The supervisors opened three bids at its June meeting for a cinder shed and maintenance garage project; rejected all three as too expensive and the project was rebid.

Demolition was not included in the project placed out for bid, as the supervisors will take care of this themselves.

New bids were submitted in July with Double Tree bid $75,750 for the 65 by 100 cinder shed, and $68,720 for the 50 by 80 foot maintenance garage, for a total of $144,470. The supervisors accepted the bid of Double Tree.

Bids for precast concrete blocks were opened at the meeting, as well with low bidder Barney and Dickinson of Vestal, N.Y., awarded the bid.

The township has received a $150,000 grant from DCED to offset the cost of the above project.

The supervisors received a notice of a DEP permit granted to Tri-City Highway Products to operate a non-metallic mineral processing plant for road materials, and for fuel fired internal combustion engines, at the Onyon Site on Rt. 848.

Supervisor Jim Hunter said that the township is always in need of more money, and that the supervisors are open for ideas on how to increase revenue and funding. They discussed the possibility of putting a wage tax in place for the township, so that wage earners can have up to one percent of their earnings transferred to the township in which they reside.

According to the supervisors, Gibson and Lenox townships have had an Earned Income Tax (EIT) for years. The township could apply for and pass an EIT in a matter of months. The supervisors agreed to have their solicitor research this.

TheNew MilfordTownship supervisors meet on the third Wednesday of the month at7:30 p.m. at the municipal building on Route 11.