Meteors look for gridiron rebound

BY JOBY FAWCETT, Times-Shamrock Writer

Montrose Area football team’s linemen practice technique during the Meteors’ first practice of the season on Monday morning. STAFF PHOTO/KEVIN WOODRUFF

At Montrose, players want to turn things around so badly, they are practicing with a passion displayed when 6-foot-3, 265-pound tackle Jordan Christofaro took a pitch and sprinted nearly 100 yards during a pursuit drill.

His speed and determination to reach the goal line pumped up his teammates and his first-year coach Russell Canevari.

“We have to improve 10 times,” Christofaro said. “There is a lot of energy. The coaches are giving good energy. They are giving good compliments.

“That is going to help and we are going to turn things around and keep this program going for a while.”

Members of the Montrose defense huddle during practice Wednesday. TIMES-SHAMROCK PHOTO/JOBY FAWCETT

Montrose worked hard during the heat of the afternoon on team defense.

Sparked by some hard hitting from junior linebacker John Lawson, the Meteors got excited and realize to rebound from an 0-10 season in the LFC Division III they must improve defensively.

“I think we have a whole new look with our team,” Lawson said. “We have a lot more inspiration and a lot more excitement.

“Everybody is coming together pretty well. The team is coming together. We are all working hard and going good.”

Canevari said the Meteors lost five seniors to graduation, but look to be competitive in Division III.

“Our boys have worked extremely hard this off season and we look for the hard work to pay off this fall,” Canevari said. “If we don’t get bit with the injury bug we should surprise some people.”

He will look to Lawson at fullback and linebacker, Christofaro at tackle, Chris Spoehr at guard/tackle, Juan Ortiz at wide receiver/cornerback and Kyle Smith at tight end/linebacker to anchor the Meteor squad.

Montrose Area’s varsity football program is comprised of seniors Christofaro, Smith, Ortiz, Spoehr, Jesus Avillia, Isaac Bulkley, Nathan Clark, Codey Cobb, Bryan Degraw, Jeremy Dibble, Zack Geisler, Josh Hale, Sam Henry, Brett Johnson, Stephen Jones, Zack Loomis, Joe Luce, Kurt Kimsey, Andrew Klein, Leo Mock, David Oakley, Tim Strayer, Kyle Watts, Blake VanNostrand, Tim Wilson, Dustin Wolf, George Zamorski and John Zielewicz, juniors Lawson, Evan Castrogiovanni, Damian Ellis, William Ely, Dale harder, Ben Hayes, Dylan Heeman, Nick Moore, Cody Nolan, Caleb Reynolds, Hunter Williams, Dustin Yonkin and Dan Zapolski and sophomores Matt Baker, Pat Conboy, Eric Donovan, Vincent Govea, John Hagar, Levi Herne, Dominic Lippolis, David Maxey, Casey Robert Nickerson, Alex Payne, Brett Shelp, Brando Shultz, Chad Swift, Trevor Tompkins and Brenton Warner.

Full schedule:

Sept. 2, atNanticoke,7 p.m.

Sept. 9, home against Northwest,7 p.m.

Sept. 16, atWestern Wayne,7 p.m.

Sept. 23, home againstDunmore,7 p.m.

Sept. 30, at Honesdale,7 p.m.

Oct. 7, home against Old Forge,7 p.m.

Oct. 14, at Susquehanna,7 p.m.

Oct. 21, home against Holy Cross,7 pm.

Oct. 28, at Lackawanna Trail,7 p.m.

Nov. 4, home against Mid Valley,7 p.m.

Independent writer Kevin Woodruff also contributed to this report.