Raiders downed by Carbondale

The Blue Ridge golf team was handed an 8-1 loss from Carbondale in its first match of the season on the back nine at Panorama on Monday.

In individual play, Andrew Burdick (BR) defeated Rosanna Misura, 5 and 3; Brian Boyle (CAR) topped Dwayne Congla, 5 and 4; Chris Cerminaro (CAR) beat Mike Gathany, 4 and 3; Mike Quinn (CAR) topped Austin French, 4 and 3; Joe Cassaro (CAR) won over Olivia Rockwell, 3 and 2; Eric Wallis (CAR) downed Luke Brinton, 3 and 1.

In better-ball, Misura-Boyle (CAR) defeated Burdick-COngla, 2 and 1; Cerminaro-Quinn (CAR) defeated Gathany-French, 4 and 3; and Cassaro-Wallis (CAR) won over Rockwell-Brinton, 3 and 1.