Deception used in quarry purchase deal


A South Montrose man who wrote worthless checks in an attempt to purchase a stone quarry business and even tried to get the business owner to believe he had been kidnapped when he couldn’t make good on the money pleaded guilty to a theft charge Friday in Susquehanna County court.


In court, Wayne ‘Cody’ Greene, 49, apologized to the court and stone business owner James O’Hara for his actions.

Greene said it had been a long time since he had “been in trouble” and that he wanted to get this behind him, get back to work and pay back O’Hara.

District Attorney Jason Legg told the court Greene owes the business owner $9,920 in restitution.

O’Hara went to police on July 14 and told them Greene had been an employee of his since April and had expressed interest in buying the business. Over time, O’Hara had given Greene money in an advance which was to be added to the purchase price for the quarry business.

Police said Greene wrote checks to the business owner on July 1 in Dimock Twp. and told O’Hara that he was waiting for a settlement to come in.

According to court documents, O’Hara learned from his bank the checks from Greene were no good.

Greene then told O’Hara he was going to a Merrill Lynch office inBinghamton,N.Y.on July 14 to get a certified check for the full amount he owed O’Hara.

On that day, according to the affidavit, O’Hara received a text message from Greene’s phone that “in essence said, ‘I snagged your boy don’t call the cops or go to his girlfriend or he dies we just want some money if you do he’s done we’re serious.’”

Greene faces up to five years in prison on the misdemeanor theft by deception count. Sentencing was scheduled for Sept. 22.

Greene has been held on $10,000 bail since his July arrest.

President Judge Kenneth Seamans allowed for Greene to be released on unsecured bail and placed him immediately on supervision with the county probation department until the sentencing date.