Lions swing past EL on links

Elk Lake’s Adam Phillips takes a shot during the Warriors’ Friday loss to the Lions. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALICE STUFFLE

The Elk Lake golf team faced an 8.5-.5 loss to Lackawanna Trail at Rock Creek Golf Course on Friday afternoon.

In individual play, Dalton Mecke (LT) over Marshall McCarty, 5 and 3; Wyatt Cooper (LT) and Jeremy Schwartztrauber (EL) split; Don Demarest (LT) over Ricky Guiton, 1-up; Daniel Richards (LT) over Adam Phillips, 2 and 1;  Matt Lochen (LT) over Matt Domasawicz, 3 and 2; Ricky Kordish (LT) over Zack Canfield, 2 and 1.

In better-ball, Mecke-Cooper (LT) over McCarty-Schwartzstrauber, 5 and 3; Demarest-Richards (LT) over Guiton-Phillips, 1-up; Lochen-Kordish (LT) over Domasawicz-Canfield, 2 and 1.