Meteors post pair of wins

The Montrose Area golf team picked up a 9-0 victory overMountain Viewat home on Friday, and a 6-3 victory overLakelandat Sleepy Hollow on Wednesday.

On Friday in individual play, Jordan Smith defeated Chad Wescott, 1-up; Mason Legg over Liam Maloney, 4 and 3; Lance Nealy over Brian Owen, 5 and 4; Cory Morrison over Seth Decker, 4 and 3; Casey O’Reilly over Austin Tracy, 4 and 3; Casey O’Reilly over Austin Tracy, 4 and 3; Matt Sobiech over Jake Heller, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Smith-Legg over Wescott-Maloney, 3 and 2; Nealy-Morrison over Owen-Decker, 5 and 4; O’Reilly-Sobiech over Tracy-Heller, 4 and 3.

Against Lakeland in individual play, Greg Reeves (LAK) over Danny English, 2 and 1; Smith (MON) over Taylor Reeves, 3 and 2; Michael Thomas (LAK) over Cameron Dean, 3 and 2; Nealy (MON) over Fred Tolerico, 4 and 3; Sobiech (MON) overJordanHoinsky, 2 and 1; Michael Brennan (LAK) over O’Reilly, 1-up.

In better-ball, English-Smith (MON) over G. Reeves-T. Reeves, 3 and 2; Dean-Nealy (MON) over Tolerico-Thomas, 3 and 1; Sobiech-O’Reilly (MON) over Hoinsky-Brennan, 3 and 2.