Meteor golfers improve to 7-0

Montrose Area’s golf team topped a tri-meet held at Montrose Country Club on Thursday betweenForestCityandWestern Wayne.

The team also defeatedElkLakeat Montrose Country Club on Friday, 9-0.

In the tri-match Meteor Matt Sobiech and Casey O’Reilly swept three points at the bottom of the lineup in both matches to pave the way.

Katie Zefran accounted for all ofForestCity’s scoring, winning her individual match against Montrose and splitting in an 8.5-.5 loss toWestern Wayne.

Montrose 7, W. Wayne 2

Individuals: Kevin Karabin (WW) over Mason Legg, 2-up; Jordan Smith (M) over Matt Howe, 5 and 4; Bob Dyier (WW) over Dan English, 2 and 1; Lance Neeley (M) over Matt Lukeski, 4 and 3; Matt Sobiech (M) over Mike Valvano, 4 and 2; Casey O’Reilly (M) over Matt Roberts, 4 and 2.

Better-ball: Legg-Smith (M) over Karabin-Howe, 1-up; English-Neeley (M) over Dyier-Lukesi, 4 and 3; Sobiech-O’Reilly (M) over Valvano-Roberts, 4 and 2.

Montrose 8, Forest City 1

Individuals: Mason Legg (M) over Tyler Butler, 4 and 3; Jordan Smith (M) over Kevin Powell, 5 and 4; Katie Zefran (FC) over Dan English, 4 and 3; Lance Neeley (M) over Craig Koveleski, 5 and 4; Matt Sobiech (M) over Vince Deluci, 5 and 4; Casey O’Reilly (M) over Shawn McCormick, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Legg-Smith (M) over Butler-Powell, 4 and 3; English-Neeley (M) over Zefran-Koveleski, 3 and 2; Sobiech-O’Reilly (M) over Deluci-McCormick, 4 and 3.

W. Wayne 8.5, Forest City .5

Individuals: Kevin Karabin (WW) over Tyler Butler, 5 and 3; Matt Howe (WW) over Kevin Powell, 4 and 3; Katie Zefran (FC) split with Bob Dyier; Matt Lukeski (WW) over Greg Koveleski, 5 and 3; Matt Valvano (WW) over Vince Deluci, 2 and 1; Matt Roberts (WW) over Shawn McCormick, 4 and 3.

Better-ball: Karabin-Howe (WW) over Butler-Powell, 5 and 3; Dyier-Lukeski (WW) over Zefran-Koveleski, 1-up; Valvano-Roberts (WW) over Deluci-McCormick, 3 and 2.

Montrose 9, Elk Lake 0

Individuals: Jordan Smith over Ricky Guiton, 5 and 4; Anthony Augenti over Adam Phillips, 2 and 1; Lance Nealy over Matt Domaswicz, 5 and 3; Colby Major over Marshall McCarty, 4 and 3; Casey O’Reilly over Zack Canfield, 4 and 3; Matt Sobiech over Jeremy Swartzstrauber, 3 and 2.

Better-ball: Smith-Augenti over Guiton-Phillips, 5 and 4; Nealy-Major over Domaswicz-McCarthy, 5 and 3; O’Reilly-Sobiech over Canfield-Swartzstrauber, 5 and 3.

Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge’s golf team was handed an 8-1 loss fromWestern Wayneon Tuesday at Red Maples Golf Course.

In individual play, Kevin Karabin (WW) over Mike Gathany, 4 and 3; Austin French (BR) over Matt Howe, 5 and 4; Bob Dyer (WW) over Andrwe Burdick, 3 and 2; Matt Lukeski (WW) over Kasey Burdick, 5 and 4; Mike Valvano (WW) over Olivia Rockwell, 4 and 3; Matt Roberts (WW) over Trey Hillard, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Karabin-Howe (WW) over Gathany-French, 2 and 1; Dyer-Lukeski (WW) over A> Burdick-K. Burdick, 4 and 3; Valvano-Roberts (WW0 over Rockwell-Hillard, 4 and 3.

Mountain View

Mountain View’s golfers took a 6.5-2.5 loss toWestern Wayneon Friday at Red Maples and a 6-3 loss on Wednesday toCarbondaleat Rock Creek Golf Course.

Against Western Wayne in individual play, Kevin Karabin (WW) over Chad Wescott, 3 and 2; Matt Lukeski (WW) over Liam Maloney, 2-up; Tyler Salak (MV) over Bob Dyer, 4 and 3; Matt Howe (WW) over Bryan Owens, 2 and 1; Mike Valvano (WW) and Nick Sabuacak (MV) split; Matt Roberts (WW) over Megan Kress, 5 and 4.

In better-ball, Karabin-Lukeski (WW) over Wescott-Maloney, 2 and 1; Salak-Owens (MV) over Dyer-Howe, 3 and 2; Valvano-Roberts (WW) over Sabuacak-Kress, 4 and 2.

On Wednesday in individual play, Chris Cerminaro (CAR) over Tyler Salak, 1-up; Chad Wescott (MV) over Mike Quinn, 5 and 4; Joe Cassaro (CAR) over Brian Owens, 1-up’ Rosanna Misura (CAR) over Liam Maloney, 2 and 1; Cody Mazza (CAR) over Seth Decker, 3 and 2; Nick Sabaucak (MV) and Eric Wallis (CAR) split.

In better-ball, Salak-Wescott (MV) over Cerminaro-Quinn, 3 and 2; Cassaro-Misura (CAR) over Owens-Maloney, 1-up; Decker-Sabaucak (MV) and Mazza-Wallis (CAR) split.

Forest City

TheForestCitygolf team faced a 9-0 loss the Wallenpaupack on the road Friday and a 7-2 loss fromLakelandon Tuesday on the back nine at Sleepy Hollow.

Against Wallenpaupack in individual play Kyle Jackson over Katie Zefran, 3 and 2; John Pillar over Brian Nebzydoski, 3 and 1; Eric Miller over Tyler Butler, 4 and 3; Kane Kellogg over Sean McCormick, 5 and 4; Alex Jackson over Seth Thomas, 5 and 3; Rocco Scartelli over Vince DeLucy, 3 and 2.

In better-ball, K. Jackson-Pillar over Zefran-Nebzydoski, 3 and 2; Miller-Kellogg over Butler-McCormick, 4 and 3; A.Jackson-Scartelli over Thomas-DeLucy, 4 and 3.

On Tuesday in individual play, Taylor Reeves (L) over McCormick, 3 and 2; Mike Thomas (L) over Devon Frost, 5 and 4; Fred Tolerico (L) over Butler, 5 and 4; Zefran (FC) over Mike Brennan, 5 and 4; Greg Reeves (L) over DeLucy, 4 and 3; Jordan Hoinsky (L) over Nebzydoski, 1-up.

In better-ball, T. Reeves-Thomas (L) over McCormick-Frost, 4 and 3;Butler-Zefran (FC) over Tolerico-Brennan, 2-up; G. Reeves-Hoinsky (L) over DeLucy-Nebzydoski, 4 and 3.