SCSD shares good report card

BY HELEN B. FOSTER, Correspondent

The Susquehanna Community School Board got good news Sept. 21 about its students’ PSSA scores this past year.

Superintendent Bronson Stone proudly distributed the district’s 2011 report card for board approval which showed the district had exceeded the state requirements in all areas, including the percentage of students participating in the testing, attendance and graduation.

He noted that the scores also showed the district met the Adequate Yearly Progress.

During the district personnel reports Superintendent Stone said hopefully the school district once again lived up to its name, Susquehanna Community, by reaching out in time of need. Stone was referring to the long hours put in by school personnel to help flood victims.

“Our mission is to educate.” Stone said as he discussed the substance abuse issues facing the students.

High school principal Mark Gerchman thanked the firemen attending from the Susquehanna Fire Dept. for helping with the homecoming bon-fire.

He also reported to the board the district has received a $40,000 technology grant that will allow the district to put curriculum on line.

Elementary school principal Robert Keyes said that 252 families attended the elementary open house.

He also told the board that “community involvement” will be a focus for activities this school year.

Business manager Gary Kiernan said a rocky start with transporting K-4 students has been solved. He said he underestimated the time it took to buckle up all the little ones but that has been taken care of by adding another minibus.

Kiernan spoke of how Lanesboro residents pulled together and helped one another during the flood. He commented on school employees Cathy Corse and Debbie Benson who stayed at the elementary school and prepared meals while the shelter was in operation.

He also said that Superintendent Stone stayed overnight at the school to help set up the shelter and make sure people were getting what they needed.

“Let’s hope the families can get their homes and communities cleaned up before cold weather begins,” Kiernan said.

The board also approved calendar changes in 2012.

School now will be in session on Jan. 16 and Feb. 20. The last day of school will be May 30.

In other business, Eleven teachers were approved for tenure as per the Public School Code: Kimberly Garrison, Melissa Sussman, William Szill, Raymond Testa, Anne Burdick, Beth Davis, Bridget O’Neill. Brent Soden, Jill Holleran, Jeremy Page and Karyn Armtage.

Leaves of absence were granted to Susan Whitney for March 15-May 30, 2012, and Joshua Carpenter, Jan. 3-April 30.

The board accepted the resignation of Kristen Stanford as the yearbook adviser; Lori Pike, substitute nurse; Justine Ord as high school aide and football ticket taker.

Hired were: Tammy Heller, high school aide; Sudan Day, elementary aide; Roxann Lloyd, high school clerk; Kathryn Matis, yearbook co-adviser; Will Szill, teacher mentor; and Carol Ho, personal care aide.

The following personnel were approved to work as coaches and support staff for sports through 2012 were approved: varsity baseball coach, Jamie Smith; JV baseball coach, Jacob Johnson;  junior high baseball co-coaches, Will Szill and Jeremy Page; junior high softball co-coaches, Kim Forys and Denise Yankauskas; varsity boys volleyball coach Todd Cundey; varsity boys track coach, Stephen Nayduch; junior high boys track coach, Robin Burdick; varsity girls track coach, Jeff Hall; junior high girls track coach, Mary Weaver.

Support staff for sports events are: Susan Crawford, Robin Carmody, Rich Emmons and Teri MacDonald. The support staff works as game managers, ticket takers and scores. Approved as volunteers were: Tracy Marinari, band; and Joe Burke, elementary boys basketball.

Appointed to the Strategic Planning committee were David Passetti and Teresa DeLaPlaine as business representatives; student representatives approved were Sarah Serfilippi and Amber Dubanowitz.

District bus contracts as well as transportation drivers were given board approval.