Worse than average turkey season predicted

Turkey season will soon be upon us as hunters will hit the woods on Saturday, Oct. 29, to bag a fall gobbler.


A wet spring and fall flooding have combined to make the outlook on the fall wild turkey season look less than ideal.

According to Wildlife Conservation Officer Vic Rosa, who covers Wyoming County and parts of Susquehanna County, the wet spring served as a deterrent in the young turkey population.

“There will certainly be less turkeys around this fall,”Rosasaid.

Rosa noted that the low population coupled with several roads being closed in the State Gamelands 57 will make for less success for local hunters.

Despite some lower numbers, Rosastill feels there will be some lucky hunters out there that will bag a turkey.

“I think it will still be a good season in general,”Rosasaid. “Hunters just may have to walk farther.”

Rosa said that a turkey survey done this past June showed lower than usual numbers in the local population.

“It was spotty, and there is certainly a reduction,”Rosasaid. “But, many turkeys are also taken on private land. So people may still have luck.”

As far as whereRosathinks hunters can find turkeys, his advice is simple…go to the food source.

“Going to their food source is always important,”Rosasaid. “If you can find Oak or Beech trees, they will eat there.”

He noted that scouting for turkeys is important because the birds don’t stay in the same places.

“Just because there were turkeys in one spot last year, doesn’t mean they’re going to be there again this year,”Rosasaid.

And as hunters are scouring the woods,Rosasuggests to keep some safety considerations in mind.

Hunters are required to wear 250 square inches of orange while moving in the woods. However,Rosasuggests leaving it on even while stationary.

“People need to keep in mind that there are other hunters out there,”Rosasaid. “And to think before making decisions.”

One other consideration Rosa pointed out was that there will again be a split turkey season running from Saturday, Oct. 29, to Nov. 18, and again from Nov. 24 to 26.

For more information on fall turkey season and other hunting visit www.pgc.state.pa.us.