Deer season opens Monday

Hunters will be taking to the woods on Monday, Nov. 28, for the start of another white-tailed deer season.


Well, that time of year has finally arrived. No, not the holidays. Deer season.

That’s right, on Monday, Nov. 28, hunters will rise early and head into the woods to search out a prize white-tail buck.

And Game Commission officer Victor Rosa said that all signs are pointing to a successful dear season.

“We certainly should have a lot of deer running around,”Rosasaid. “From my observations, and from calls I’ve received, there seems to be an abundance of deer.”

Rosasaid that he already knows of some trophy-size buck taken during deer archery season by local hunters.

“It should be a good year for trophy hunting,” Rosa said.

As for finding those trophy deer,Rosasaid that good hunters should already be out scouting their locations.

He encourages those who do not have a place to hunt, to knock on farmers’ doors, as many of them find deer to be a nuisance.

On the Game Commission’s website, hunters can search for the Cooperative Farm-Game program, where local farmers sign up to let hunters use their land to rid their farms of deer.

“I’ve heard many farmers complaining of damage to their land,”Rosasaid. “But make sure to get permission from the landowner first.”

This year’s deer season runs from Nov. 28, until Dec. 2, with a flintlock muzzleloader season to run from Dec. 26 to Jan. 16.

Rosaurges those who are currently spotlighting in preparation for the season not to have any firearms present in the vehicle, and said that spotlighting must conclude by11 p.m.He also said, once the season starts spotlighting is illegal.

Another tip thatRosaoffered was to have hunters get to know the area in which they hunt prior to the season, even if its somewhere they’ve already been.

“It would behoove hunters to get to know their hunting area, because the landscape changes from year-to-year,”Rosasaid. “Just because there were deer there last year, doesn’t mean they will be there again. They are a fairly mobile animal.”

He also encouraged hunters to continually check their equipment.

“There is a lot of preparation that hunters should take part in before going into the woods,”Rosasaid. “I encourage them to check their equipment. Just because their rifle shot fine last year, doesn’t mean it will this year.”

Rosaalso said that it is good for hunters to go into the woods in groups.

“It’s safer for the hunter, and also, part of hunting is that camaraderie you get,”Rosasaid.

And when going into the woods,Rosareminds that 250 square inches of visible orange must be worn at all times during the season.