Game commission looking for deer kill information in Wyoming County


Recently, a rash of deer being unlawfully shot and taken has broken out inWyomingCounty, and Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Victor Rosa is looking for help from the public.

Rosasaid he is currently investigating nearly a dozen incidents of deer being shot at night and taken or left laying on the side of the road.

Most of these incidents have happened near theWyomingandSusquehannaCountyborder.

“I encourage people to call if they see someone involved in the unlawful taking of deer,”Rosasaid.

Rosasaid that many people aren’t inclined to report these incidents for fear of retaliation from the persons committing the crimes.

However, he noted that any information given to the game commission would be strictly confidential.

Rosaalso noted that rewards are available from the game commission for the successful conviction of criminals.

He said the cases he is currently investigating all happened at night, and some of the deer were killed right in front of people’s residences.

“The deer are either taken away by those who shot them or let lay right in front of people’s houses,”Rosasaid. “And there is likely alcohol involved as many beer cans and shells have been found at these scenes.”

Rosasaid he is having a difficult time tracking the lawbreakers down because of a lack of witnesses.

“We have physical evidence,”Rosasaid. “But it’s not substantiated. I believe that people know more about what happened, but aren’t willing to come forward.”

Rosaurged anyone with information about crimes related to wildlife to call the Game Commission Northeast Regional office at 675-1143, or email him at