Gas companies work out Harford road agreements


Harford Township supervisors were approached Tuesday, Nov.8 by a representative from Bluestone Gathering, who proposed a road use and maintenance agreement.

The township spent more than six months working out an agreement with Southwestern Energy, and  found the standard road agreement recently offered by Williams “too vague” and insufficient  in protection for  the township’s roads.

He noted that Williams is submitting permits for driveways and wellpads, not just pipeline easements.

“If we could have some kind of standard agreement that multiple companies can use,” mused Supervisor Garry Foltz. “I think we need to stay with our form for driveway permits, so that we are consistent.”

Foltz said that the gas companies need to assure that they will repair any roads damaged. “There are roads here that you aren’t going to get through if you don’t do something to them before you start.”

He gave Mike Armiak a copy of the road agreement the supervisors approved with Southwestern. Armiak assured him that he would revise the document to the supervisors’ satisfaction.

Cabot Gas & Oil has begun work on pads withinHarfordTownship, but has yet to propose a road usage and maintenance agreement to the supervisors.

A driveway permit submitted by Cabot for the Macdowall property was tabled, as there is not a road agreement, and the permit is dated for sometime in 2012.

The supervisors spent some time discussing which anti-skid material would work best for spreading with black cinders.

Supervisors Sue Furney and Terry VanGorden favor the small 1Bs, because they are easier on township equipment, like the auger.

VanGorden said that he is having augers wear out in one season now, when they used to last five or six years. However, the metal they are using to manufacture such equipment seems to be less durable these days.

Foltz said that black cinders are too costly to use extensively. He recommends using the bigger stuff, because it provides better  traction and can be pushed back onto the roads from the edges.

The supervisors approved advertising for bids on #67 material and black cinders.

A subdivision was approved for the Troy Schermerhorn property, which has an existing house, driveway, and septic. Another subdivision was approved for the Lepre McGraw “saw shop” property, which involves dividing off a son’s property, on which everything is already in place.

An assessment permit was approved for Nelson Warren, who is buiding a single story garage with no plumbing.

Furney abstained from voting on paying the bills, because she disagreed with the amount of time and funds spent on  part ofWhite Road. “$2,000 in material for a half mile of road, and it only has one resident,” Furney said.

The township employees began using the time clock as of Oct. 31.

Supervisors learned that the Tin Shop apartments have problems with their sewer basement and pump. The old Seeley pump is damaged and parts are not available, and the basement pump cannot handle three apartments. The whole basin will need to be pulled, and a new basin installed with a stronger pump unit.

The sewer plant needs to replace galvanized grates over the pits, Foltz said. They are looking into replacing valves and handles that have rotted out as well.

Foltz said that DEP has approved the GP11 permit for the outflow ofTingleyLake. The plans for the pipe under the road have been submitted by engineer Todd Schmidt of Fox Engineering. The lawsuit by someTingleyLakeresidents is still going on, and the township is meanwhile continuing to deal with the situation.

David Oakley, the creator of theHarfordTownshipwebsite, should be paid $500 at the December meeting for his final payment. The supervisors approved paying Oakley $640 a year for annual maintenance and updating township news and other information on the site.

The supervisors decided to work out a schedule to deal with the proposed budget.

A public meeting for the proposed budget and general purposes was to be held on Nov. 22, after this paper went to press.

A regular supervisor’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 13, and a meeting will be held on Dec. 21 to adopt and approve the budget.