County seeks disaster grant funds


Susquehanna County will seek funds through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program available as a result of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

The commissioners adopted a resolution at the Wednesday, Dec. 14 meeting, establishing priorities for the funding.

But after meeting with prospective homeowners seeking a buy-out Thursday evening, county disaster specialist Donna Erat said she may ask the county to restate the priorities to better reflect the damages sustained by county residents.

The commissioners also authorized Emergency Management Director Charlene Moser to act as the county’s applicant agent for the HMGP grant.

The commissioners also agreed, by resolution, to comply with state law regarding bonds held by the county for its elected officials.

Meeting attendee Edna Paskoff questioned the cost of the bonds and who would be covered by the bonds and for what circumstances.

County Treasurer Cathy Benedict explained that officials are required to be bonded for the collection of state funds. Officials who carry those bonds include, in addition to the treasurer, the register/recorder and the prothonotary.

Until the new law was adopted, those elected officials had to carry their own bonds.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco said the law streamlines the process for row officers.

With the new law, the chief clerk is responsible for making a recommendation to the commissioners prior to the end of the calendar year regarding the amount of security the county maintains for the upcoming year.

The chief clerk and county solicitor will confer, according to the resolution, to determine if the form and content of the insurance will comply with the law.

The commissioners signed a revision to the agreement for the Prison Inmate Medical Cost Containment program, originally signed on Oct. 26.

The revision calls for a shorter contract period of one-year – as opposed to the five-year renewal that was in the previous agreement.

An administration fee, of .075 percent, to be paid to PIMCC was also added on the total escrow.

PIMCC serves as an intermediary between the Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Welfare to collect the county’s share of inmate medical costs that result from hospitalizations.

The commissioners also approved 16 hours of additional specialized training from a Blackbaud consultant for new accounting software in the amount of $2,880.

Ginagrieco voted against signing a $14,328 contract with Guyette Communications Industries, ofPlymouth, to furnish and install equipment and poles to provide voice and data infrastructure between the courthouse and the county’s recently renovated property at88 Chenango St., Montrose.

Commissioners MaryAnn Warren and Leon Allen voted in favor of the expenditure and the motion carried.

James K. Adams was reappointed to serve on the Susquehanna County Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board of Directors for a term effective Jan. 1, 2012 and ending Dec. 31, 2016, per the recommendation of the Housing and Redevelopment Board of Directors.

Ted Place, Dennis Larue and James Kessler were reappointed to serve on the Agricultural Land Preservation Board for three-year terms, beginning Jan. 1, 2012 and ending Dec. 31, 2014, per the recommendation of the board.

Bruce Butler, Susquehanna, was hired as the Assistant 911 Communications Coordinator, effective Dec. 15, per the recommendation of 911 Coordinator Art Donato.

Butlerhad been working as an emergency dispatcher in the department until that date. The commissioners accepted his resignation from the dispatcher position with regret.

Matt DeMann, of Montrose, was hired as a dispatcher trainee in the 911 department. The effective date of employment had not yet been determined.

The commissioners acknowledged the hiring of Justin Sprout, Springville, by Sheriff Lance Benedict as a deputy sheriff, effective Dec. 5.

The commissioners also acknowledged, with regret, by County Treasurer Cathy Benedict, the resignation/retirement of Mary Lou Warner, effective Dec. 30.

The commissioners also acknowledged the acceptance by Coroner Anthony Conarton, the resignation of Laura Conarton, effective Dec. 30.