SCSD board members sworn in

Susquehanna Community School Board members include, in the front row, from left, Holly Kubus, Amanda Cook, and Marti Stanford. In the back row are Carol Jackson, Jason Chamberlain, Evelyn Cottrell, Lori Canfield, Steven Stanford, and Clay Weaver.

BY HELEN B. FOSTER, Correspondent

Five members of Susquehanna Community school board re-elected for another 4-year term were sworn in at the district’s reorganizational meeting held on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Vice-president Clay Weaver, elected president pro-tempore for this meeting, held the Bible while Steven Stanford, Evelyn Cottrell, Martha Stanford, Holly Kubus and Jason Chamberlain all recited their oaths of office.

Unanimous votes placed Stanford back as president and Weaver as vice-president of the board.

During the regular meeting that followed the reorganizational meeting, board members heard from Superintendent Bronson Stone regarding the state ruling on vaccinations for all school children. According to Stone the district has used every form of communication to advise parents the deadline,April 30, 2012, is approaching and students not complying with the current ruling will not be allowed to attend school. Stone said if the cost is a factor the parents should notify the school as there are funds available to cover the cost of the necessary vaccinations.

Stone also reported on the goals of the Strategic Plan committee, one being increased student achievement.

“We have some extremely capable students graduating this year,” Stone said.

Stone also spoke about the saving to the district since the changes in the heating and lighting. The district received a $34,000 rebate from First Energy, the board was told.

Principal Robert Keyes reported elementary students donated 1,257 non-parishable food items for the County Feed-A-Friend program. Keyes said the after-school tutoring program is averaging between 35-40 students, from grades 3-6, per day.

Business Manager Gary Kiernan spoke of the district’s fund balances that have shown growth over the past year.

Kiernan said this was due to the way the district handled the funds.

“We will need every cent of that fund balance when the salary freeze is lifted,” he said.
Special Ed Coordinator David Jagger spoke of the progress made by the students in this program.

He complimented the staff and welcomed back Melissa Franks, high school Life Skills teacher from her maternity leave.

Jagger said there are 22 students moving in and out of the district causing interruptions in their program that is detrimental to these students. They can’t overcome these interruptions, he added.
The board approved the time and place for the 2012 regular monthly meetings and the deliberation sessions as follows: The first six months of 2012 the meetings will be held the third Wednesday of the month, with no meeting in July. The August meeting will be on Aug. 1, followed by September and October meeetings returning to the regular meeting night. There will be no meeting in November with December meeting being held the first Wednesday of December.

All meetings, unless otherwise posted, will be held at 7 the administration office located in the Elementary School.
The same schedule will be followed for the deliberation sessions held the day before a regular meeting, same time and same place unless a notice is posted on the door of the administration office.

The “Taxpayers Relief Act” resolution that limits tax increases to the level set by its inflation index. SCSD’s rate is 2.5 percent was approved by the board.

Six district policies that covered employment, student teachers, diciplinary procudures and contracted services were adjusted to include wording to comply with state law.

Committee members approved included: Steven Stanford, Shawana Alleman for the Special Education Planning Committee; Lisa Vail, Kim Marco, Emily Staros and Martha Stanford for the Student Services Planning Committee; Amanda Cook, Induction Planning Committee; Susan Chamberlain, Kathy Matis and Jason Chamberlain, Technology Planning Committee.

Following the board’s accepting Richard Bagnall’s resignation from the varsity football head coach position, effective Nov. 8, 2011, Stone said this respected teacher and coach had an impact on hundreds and hundreds of students and will be missed.

Sports program staff hired for the 2011-12 school year to cover the clock, keeping score and being a game manager were: Kim Garrison, Kim Forys, Bridgette Stone, Raymond Testa, Kelly Kane, Dylan Haynes, Meghan Gilleran and Scott Glidden.

Patricia Cottrett was hired as a Personal Care Aide.

Approved as substitutes: Sarah Krause and Katie O’Neill for after school program; Tracie Osterhout and Kelly McGuane for substiture aide; Rachel Arrieta, Jacqueline Waldon, Courtney Grieve, Nicole Tarchak as substitute teachers; Robert Glover, substitute van driver.

Kim Burdick was approved as a volunteer for the fifth and sixth grade girls basketball team and Earl Cottrell as a volunteer for the spring musical with Mrs. Teresa Marino.