Speed, alcohol factor in Silver Lake crash


Police say alcohol and speed were factors in a Dec. 15 crash that sent two Brackney men to the hospital.

Richard O’Boyle IV, 29, and Joshua Capwell, 29, were both ejected from the vehicle and sustained moderate injuries in the Rt. 4002,SilverLakeTwp.crash.

O’Boyle was driving east on the road when he lost control of the vehicle and drove off an embankment.

According to police, the vehicle became airborne and struck a large tree about 50 feet south of the road. The impact crushed the driver and passenger compartment of the vehicle.

The vehicle came to rest on its side against the tree with O’Boy;e trapped under the front tire. He was freed by emergency personnel at the scene.

Both men were transported to Wilson Memorial Hospital, Johnson City,N.Y., for treatment.

According to police, both men sustained severe but non- life threatening injuries.

Tpr. T. J. Horan investigated the crash.