Elk Lake swimmers dunk Lake Lehman

The Elk Lake boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams took wins over Lake-Lehman on the road on Tuesday evening.

The Warrior girls, paced by Abby Zdancewicz who won two individual events and was a part of the winning 200 free relay team, beat the Black Knights 99-77.

ElkLake’s boys, led by Adam Phillips and Brad Grosvenor who each won a pair of individual events, defeat Lehman 83-50.

Elk Lake boys 83,

Lake-Lehman 50

200 medley relay: Elk Lake (Malloy, Manzek, Sterner, Hammernick) 2:10.49, Lake-Lehman. 200 free: Adam Phillips (EL) 1:51.29, Sterner (EL), Edkins (LL). 200 IM: Brad Grosvenor (EL) 2:32.94, Mowry (EL), Chrzanowski (LL). 50 free: Alex Manzek (EL) :26.15, Carney (EL), Ross-Robertson (EL). Diving: Matt Etkins (LL) 220.10, Zeiler (LL). 100 fly: Brad Grosvenor (EL) 1:05.91, Sterner (EL). 100 free: Adam Phillips (EL) 49.07, Hammernick (EL), Etkins (LL). 500 free: Cody Malloy (EL) 5:59.38, Dailey (LL). 200 free relay: Elk Lake (Mowry, Sterner, Grosvenor, Phillips) 1:38.03. 100 back: Cody Mowry (EL) 1:07.50, Dailey (LL). 100 breast: Paul Chrzanowski (LL) 1:19.48. 400 free relay: Lake-Lehman (Elenberger, Etkins, Dailey, Chrzanowski) 4:42.12.

Elk Lake girls 99,

Lake-Lehman 77

200 medley relay: Lake-Lehman (Sabol, Jenkins, Williams, Copeman) 2:20.68, Elk Lake, Elk Lake. 200 free: Abby Zdancewicz (EL) 2:12.25, Cave (EL), Stevens (LL). 200 IM: Sammy Sabol (LL) 2:29.93, Ofalt (EL), Evert (EL). 50 free: Amelia Jenkins (LL) :30.18, Copeman (LL), Grosvenor (EL). Diving: Brinley Williams (LL) 166.05, Amorino (EL), Phillips (EL). 100 fly: Rachel Grosvenor (EL) 1:24.04, Riley (EL), Williams (LL). 100 free: Caitie Van Etten (EL) 1:09.01, Copeman (LL), Brink (EL). 500 free: Abby Zdancewicz (EL) 5:52.48, Cave (EL), Williams (LL). 200 free relay: Elk Lake (Grosvenor, Ofalt, Van Etten, Zdancewicz) 2:03.89, Elk Lake, Lake-Lehman. 100 back: Sammy Sabol (LL) 1:06.06, Phillips (EL), Matters (LL). 100 breast: Cassie Stevens (LL) 1:27.18, Evert (EL), Ofalt (EL). 400 free relay: Lake-Lehman (Matters, Copeman, Jenkins, Sabol) 4:54.11.