Ely named Times-Tribune ‘Athlete of Week’

Not only did senior point guard Dallas Ely lead Montrose to a 54-28 rout of former fellow Division III unbeaten Forest City, but she also became the Lady Meteors’ all-time leading scorer with 1,395 career points.

Her 30 points Thursday night helped her to eclipse the mark set in 1980 by former girls basketball coach Ellen Mulligan. For her accomplishments, Ely has been name Scranton Times-Tribune ‘Athlete of the Week.’

Family: Mother, Connie; father, Bud; brother,Troy; sisters, Brittany, Autumn.

Other sports I play: Volleyball, softball.

Did you ever play volleyball before? No, it was the first time. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. (Coach Diane Dean) was trying to get me to play last year. But this year, she was riding me about it, and I finally gave in on the first day of practice. I just showed up. She was so surprised. It has definitely helped a lot with basketball, just the stances and everything. When you’re playing defense in volleyball, you still have to run and jump, the timing and everything.

Favorite sports teams:Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Miami Heat.

Athlete I admire: LeBron James. I like the way he plays.

Favorite food: Chicken spiedies.

Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight.”

Superstitions and rituals: The stuff I pack is the same every game. Everything that we do beforehand is a superstition before every game. All four seniors stand at the end of the line during the national anthem. After a while, instead of superstition, it becomes tradition. It just sticks.

Did you know you were so close to the all-time mark? I knew I was close, but I knew just two days before. They let me know after my last game. They didn’t even know. They just found out what it was – they didn’t really keep the records at our school, everyone was going back and researching everything.

Did they stop the game and announce it? At the end of the third quarter, they said congratulations. If I recall, it was on a 3.

You’re a couple of days removed from it now. Looking back, what did it feel like? I was so excited. I don’t even know what to say. It was awesome especially because I know (Ellen Mulligan), she’s a gym teacher at our school. I know her. So it was kind of cool to break her record. I haven’t seen her since, I’m kind of excited for that. It was just really awesome. I scored my 1,000th point last year. It’s nice to have something else to celebrate in my senior year.

What was that like for the team? I think everyone was pretty excited. I think the fact that that happened on the same night that it was – I don’t want to say the first half was riding on it, but the two teams that were undefeated in the first half – to break the record and to win and to play that good as a team on that night, I think everyone was really excited for that. All week we were getting ready for the game, and we were all nervous. Then everything just flowed. To win like that was nice.

How will you look back on this five or 10 years from now? I think it will be really cool to come back, especially because Montrose is a smaller school. Coming from a small school, that’s big news in our town. Everyone takes pride in that, that someone can break a record at the school. It will be fun to come back, see my name there somewhere. Whatever happens, it will be cool to come back and know my name is in the books there.

One word to describe me: Competitive.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: LeBron James, Denzel Washington, Alex Rodriguez.

Post-graduation plans: I want to go to college. I want to study criminal justice and forensic science maybe. I want to go into the FBI, that’s what I want to end up doing. “Criminal Minds,” “CSI,” I’m addicted to it really.