SCSD endorses environmentally friendly



Members of the Susquehanna Community school board were informed at their Jan. 18 meeting, that the district did not only save big on its electric bill ($34,253 through October 2011) but also reduced CO2 emissions.

The CO2 reduction is equal to 26 cars being removed from the road for one year but also the previous amount of emissions would need 35 acres of trees to absorb the CO2 that would have been emitted during the production of the energy that was saved.

Don Norris, who heads the maintenance department at the school district, also told the board the district is using products with reduced toxicity, including paper bags to replace plastic bags, in order to be more environmentally friendly.

According to the report compiled by Schneider Electric, which made the changes responsible for the energy savings, additional preventive maintenance measures can continue the savings experienced over the previous 11 months.

January is designated “School Director Recognition Month” and Superintendent Bronson Stone handed out certificates to the board members present.

“You are old timers in years of experience,” Stone said. “You have had an impact on hundreds of students.”

During his report to the board, Stone said there are now smart boards in every classroom thanks to a grant for rural schools.

He praised Norris and his workforce for all the hard work required to complete this project.

Stone said the elementary reading curriculum is getting more vigorous with what was second grade material now kindergarten.

Stone also listed the subjects that will be covered in the Keystone exams required to graduate. SCSD requires 70 percent to pass while other districts are at 60-65 percent to pass, suggesting Susquehanna would have the advantage where it pertains to Keystone exams.

Under new state regulations every coach will be required to have training through theCenterofDisease Control. Once again Stone stressed the need for students to be immunized or they will not be allowed to come to school, no matter how badly you want them to come to school, he added. If the cost is a factor, Stone advised parents to contact the school as there are funds to assist for this.

During his discussion on finances, business manager Gary Kiernan said there are districts not in the same financial shape as SCSD as they are closing schools and have as many as 40 students per classroom.

The district’s fund balances will help in paying future retirement and healthcare expenses, Kiernan said.

A one-year contract with Freddy’s Refuse Removal at a cost of $9,235.49 was approved.

Meghan Gilleran was hired as the varsity boys basketball timer for 2011-2014 school years; Dori Spencer as scorekeeper and substitute timer for basketball games. Additions to the substitute list are: Jessica Glover, food service; Amy Branning, Anthony McKennas and Rachel Arrietta, teacher; Shannon Oropallo, aide. Robin Glidden was approved as a basketball cheerleader volunteer.

Michael Matis was granted permission to take two teams to Project Lead the Way Design Challenge atLakelandSchoolin February.

John Ord has permission to start a photography club, “Behind the Lens.”

The board approved Stone’s request to attend “Understanding and Preparing for Marcellus Shale impacts in Your School District” atUniversity Parkon March 15.