Third man sentenced in theft ring



A Nicholson man will spend time in jail for his role in what Susquehanna County Judge Kenneth Seamans described as a “criminal enterprise.”

Jason Ace Ross, 28, was sentenced Thursday on 10 counts lodged in nine separate cases that date back to 2009.

Ross’ attorney, Bernard Brown, told the court his client had entered into a business with Brent Vanteger and did not make himself aware as to how Vanteger acquired some of the property.

“He now understands the business he entered into was criminal,” Brown told the court.

Vanteger, 27, Kinbgsley, was sentenced in November in 12 theft cases, some Ross was also charged in.

District Attorney Jason Legg said he did not know how two people got together to decide to take things but both Ross and Vanteger had said the other was the “ringleader” of the operation.

Legg said, “They were working together to take things.”

“It was a criminal enterprise,” Judge Seamans said. “It wasn’t just a one-time occasion, or even a two- or three-time occasion.”

Ross was ordered to serve three, nine to 23-1/2 month prison terms; and six, six to 23-1/2 months sentences in the county jail.

Those nine sentences will run concurrent.

He was also sentenced to serve seven years probation, following his release.

A third man, Jerry Stines, ofNorth Carolina, had also been implicated in some of the cases and was sentenced in September 2011.