Susquehanna mayor resigns




At Susquehanna borough’s February 14, meeting, Mayor Michael Matis resigned his position, effective March 14.

Matis, who was appointed following the death of Mayor Denise Reddon was elected in November to a four-year term.

The Matis family plans to move out of the borough was the reason given for the resignation.

Following an executive session, Margaret Biegert was hired as borough treasurer. Biegert replaces Gail Hanrahan who had been handling this position under the former council. Hanrahan is the secretary/treasurer for Lanesboro.

Following council’s approval of the agenda, Council President Roberta Reddon asked that all committee reports be made available to council members prior to the committee meeting giving council members time to review the reports. This met with council’s agreement.

Council approved the bill list with the exception of the final bill from attorney Myron Dewitt, the borough’s former solicitor.

According to Councilman Joe Varsik this bill was for work in 2011 and  should have been paid out of the 2011 budget.

Secretary Diann Robbins will research this bill and the year end balance available to pay this bill.

Reddon brought to council’s attention a sidewalk/drainage agreement  between the borough and the state Department of Transporatation  that should have been handled byAugust 11, 2011.

The agreement is for the corner of Route 92 andMain Streetand contained a mistake made by PennDOT,  but will be rectified  and the work completed.

Diane Williams ofLaurel Streetwas named to the Vacancy Board. In the event council cannot decide who will fill a vacant council seat, the Vacancy Board member will step in to assist with this decision.

Council agreed to advertise for applicants to serve on a Zoning Board.

According to Reddon, this board will act on its own and does not take direction from council.
Secretary Robbins was granted permission to proceed with the borough’s Website through the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs at a cost of $299.

This will allow the secretary to post schedules for the various borough committees and organizations making the Web site more user friendly.

The requests by the Susquehanna Community Development Association were granted with the exception of placing a Susquehanna Hometown Days banner overMain Street.  This issue will be handled by Parks and Rec Chairman John Sholtiss. Hometown Days are scheduled for July 19-21.

The P&R Chairman also asked council to pass a motion regarding opening the park for the SCDA’s Easter Egg Hunt on March 31 in the event of any legal question that might arise. Council agreed.