Locals compete at NASP State Championships

Students from Blue Ridge and Montrose competed in the National Archery in the Schools Program State Tournament at Penn State University on Mar. 11 with several locals earning top placings.

The top schools in each of the three divisions – elementary, middle school and high school – automatically qualified for the upcoming national championships in Louisville, Kentucky, from May 11-12.

Montrose Middle School was the top team in grades seven and eight, qualifying them for nationals.

John Giangrieco topped for the seventh grade boys taking first overall with 284 points while Andrew Fedish took second with 267. Brianna Baker was the top female seventh grader, in third place with 262 points.

In the eighth grade division, Montrose’s Katie Warner took first overall with 272 and Thomas Williams placed fourth overall with 264.

Individual qualifiers from Montrose Area included Choconut Valley Elementary sixth grader Maverick Naylor, who took first place with 266 points; Choconut sixth grader Tyler Dovin, who took third with 259 points; Lathrop Street Elementary fourth grader Hannah Perkins who took third place with 254 points.

Qualifiers for Montrose in the high school division included Ben Hayes who took first for the 11th grade boys with 283 points, while Nicholas Myers qualified by taking fourth with 277 points. In the 10th grade division, Kassidi Ramirez took second among the girls with 265 points.

Qualifying individually for nationals from Blue Ridge were eighth grader Kim Klim, who took second with 264 points; and ninth grader Ryan Rogers who took second with 264 points.

For a complete list of team and individual results, go to www.nasptournaments.org, scroll down and click on “2012 Pennsylvania NASP State Tournament.”


Middle School

Sixth Grade: 38-Abbie Hartman (199), 40-Luke Updyke (216), 41-Briana Calla (194), 43-Joel Bayle (211), 67-Justin Bayle (190).

Seventh Grade: 29-French Corbin (230), 31-Kyle Bayle (227), 40-Paige MacConnell (189), 46-Dane Beers (211), 47-Tray Perry (210).

Eighth Grade: 2-Kim Klim (264), 16-Abigail Roe (226), 33-Lindsey Rupakus (205), 36-Andrea Martell (200), 52-Kim Holbrook (160).

High School

Ninth Grade: 2-Ryan Rogers (280), 5-Mary Mangel (261), 24-Rebekah Bayle (223), 28-Leann Forthman (220), 34-Colton Hewitt (250).

10th Grade: 54-Austin French (234), 56-Kara Empett (180), 80-Adam Collins (220), 99-Alex Dennis (182).

11th Grade: 18-Allison Coller (232), 40-Joe Phillips (246), 72-Chris Carlsen (224), 96-Billy Rupakus (186).


Choconut Valley Elementary

Fourth Grade: 68-Shannon Stewart (136), 76-Marissa Redding (99), 80-Mara Redding (18).

Fifth Grade: 14-Angela Ford (224), 18-Joseph Hester (241), 35-Maverick Beeman (220), 36-Mercedes Strohl (201), 47-Andrew Rapisardi (208).

Sixth Grade: 1-Maverick Naylor (266), 3-Tyler Dovin (259), 8-Madelyn Guinane (234), 10-Eric Shearing (249), 17-Courtney White (221).

Lathrop Street Elementary

Fourth Grade: 3-Hannah Perkins (254), 29-Riley-Mae Millard (206), 36-Zachary Oleniacz (218), 67-Catherine Strickland (138), 71-Kathryn Latrop (129).

Fifth Grade: 8-Justin Birtch (252), 11-Ethan Hitchcock (247), 21-Lauren VanNostrand (220), 25-Nicholas Howard (230), 35-Maddy Gilhool (202).

Sixth Grade: 17-Joey Mann (242), 19-Connor Roberts (241), 22-Kristen Smith (216), 64-Alexis Warren (140),

Middle School

Seventh Grade: 1-John Giangrieco (284), 2-Andrew Fedish (267), 3-Brianna Baker (262), 8-Alan Michael Strohl (262), 19-Frank Lubash (241).

Eighth Grade: 1-Katie Warner (272), 4-Thomas Williams (264), 10-Katie Wurth (237), 14-Ben Foster (242), 15-Michaela Pike (231).

High School

Ninth Grade: 8-Justin Loomis (270), 11-Josh Giles (267), 13-McCade Callaway (266), 23-Karalyn Foster (225), 31-Jacob Hayes (252).

10th Grade: 2-Kassidi Ramirez (265), 32-Blair Pipher (216), 33-Samantha Poirer (216), 37-Julia Amorino (211).

11th Grade: 1-Ben Hayes (283), 4-Nicholas Myers (277), 26-Korey Stimmel (257).