Elk Lake approves NEIU budget


The Elk Lake School Board approved the 2012-13 operating budget for the North East Intermediate Unit #19 at its meeting Thursday.

The district’s contribution to the IU will remain the same, at $18,227.24.

The IU 19 fuel bill will be coming in shortly, and the board granted permission to accept that bill when it comes in.

The Elk Lake School District and Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center budget reviews were on the agendas, but were held until the Apr. 19 meeting because of software issues, according to Superintendent William Bush.

The board approved capital project payments, a dental vision self funded plan, and the purchase of four vehicles, two for the district and two for the SCCTC.

The two Chevrolet SUVs and two 10-passenger vans were both bid at $32,998 each and, $27,725 each. The board approved accepting the bids.

New cafeteria tables will be advertised for bids, to replace several original tables bought in the 1979-80 school year.

The board approved a contract renewal for WVIA. The contract, normally for $1,200 per year, is being offered for $1,140 per year with a 3-year commitment, which the board approved. WVIA provides video streaming to classrooms and broadcasts the scholastic bowl competitions, scholar of the year event, and artist of the week programs.

The small generator has broken down, and the district now requires a larger one. Several bids were received, with the low bid going to Spectrum at $39,450. Bids were advertised for a new mower.

Visitor Jeannie Jayne said that she had invited a writer of a letter to the editor to attend the meeting, but she was not there.

The letter expressed the opinion that many of next year’s Elk Lake ninth graders are being influenced into taking courses at the SCCTC, and that the very limited space for electives in the ninth grade schedule will cause college bound students, or those who participate in music or study a foreign language, to forego courses in the arts and languages in order to attend the SCCTC.

The writer wondered if the new program offerings for ninth graders might be an attempt to increase student population at the SCCTC.

She also asked the board members to provide contact information for residents.

The most recent royalty payment from Cabot Oil & Gas was for $36,123.12.

The April meeting will be held on Tuesday, Apr. 17, due to several board members needing to attend a conference.